The Arts

Dior Fall/Winter Collection 2010

Although the The Dior Fall/Winter 2010 show doesn’t have the fantastic symbolism of the Egyptian Gods Haute Couture show, Dior Collections are visually pleasing.  This newer show brings forth more of the always inspiring, artistic Galliano.

This collection has an inspired element of horse-rider style hip flair features and cuts.  Large fur handbags, which are reflected in the style of hair, and heavy use of leathers will not be gaining points with the vegan/vegetarian community, with Pamela Anderson or PETA.

John Galliano continues to bring his flair for style to Dior, incorporated into the muted, conservative, earth tone feel fit for the collection. The music could have been more strongly fitting for the show.

The women were all beautiful, as expected, including the every growing fame of Kylie Kloss.

Galliano could have put more accentuating effort into his own attire at the close of the show.  He’s becoming a pirate, nonetheless amazing.

High boots.  Confidence and sheer elegance. Enjoy the collection.


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