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Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, Vogue Magazines editor-in- chief and the inspiration for novel and movie, The Devil Wears Prada, in which Meryl Streep plays a controlling, tough, demanding, direct, decisive, driven, disciplined, competitive, intimidating and often cold business woman.

Sometimes referred to as a real bitch, but always considered a huge success and a leader in her field of fashion journalism.  Anna is involved in every detail, is the analyst, consultant and the final decision maker powerhouse.

Anna Wintour was born on November 3, 1949.

She dropped out of school at 16, but her drive for success followed the steps of her father Charles Wintour, editor of the London Evening Standard.  Charles turned to Anna for advice on appealing to the younger generation.

Her role is nothing less than supreme judge in the industry of fashion. If a designer is not up to her standards in their collection, they are simply not featured in her magazine. Often at the back of a designers mind when working on a collection, the question of whether Anna will like their work or not, is present. She also has enough power to be at the forefront of setting the stage of who the next generation of designers will be.

She frequently wears sunglasses, as a wall of protection. During runway shows, one can not be sure if she is pleased, or displeased with the collection by watching her.

Anna is an example, and can be considered an inspirational role model, of a determined business person who knows what she wants and how to get it. To be at that level of status in your specialty,  focus, clarity and a lot of ambition can take you to where you envision yourself to be.  Would you want to work for her?

Astrology Quickie: Anna Wintour’s Sun is in Scorpio and Moon in Aries, Mercury and Neptune are in Libra, Venus in Sagittarius, Mars and Saturn in Virgo, Jupiter is in Capricorn, Uranus is retrograde in Cancer, and her Pluto is in Leo.  Her birth time is unknown and thus her Ascendant is not available.

“People respond well to those who are sure of what they want.”

In all synchronicity, we just found out there is a new acclaimed docu-film – The September Issue, showing an inside view of Anna’s methods of execution at work.

Fashion is a religion.  This is the bible.


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