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Full Moon in Aquarius July 25, 2010

By Symbolic Living

It’s July 25th and it’s a Full Moon in Aquarius, which hits full strength at 9:36pm EST.

Irritated? You’re not alone. Heightened energy right now can get people all worked up. Senses are peaking, for many. Something as common as a fly buzzing around or even someone’s voice may be getting under your skin. You may feel like pulling your hair out from the root or throwing dishes against the wall or stomping as you walk. Ok, that’s dramatic, but some people really are feeling that much intensity.

The tension can be very thick for a lot of people. Not only on the personal level, but on a more global and political level, there is a lot of stress. The evidence is apparent when we turn on the news. You can choose to turn off the tv and turn on some good music instead.  Your computer, or any of your technology gadgets might be driving you up the wall.

Rather than nervous tension taking over, there are a lot of useful ways to direct such levels of energy. It may not be easy to switch gears if your train of thought is bordering on exploding though. There is a lot of potential for creating a more positive excitement. If you choose to channel your energy for the higher good you may be able to calm others tensions too.

If you are feeling like this, and not everyone is but a lot of people are, the Full Moon marks a turning point.  Use that to your advantage by changing your focus.  Whatever you are doing, that is adding to your irritation, stop doing it. Change your focus by changing what you’re doing.  Take a break to get yourself in a different mind set.

What’s the good thing about these feelings? You can get very clear and decisive at lightning speed when you’re feeling irritated.  Getting rid of those things that are obstacles in your way can clear room for change.  Do some housecleaning, as a practical example, and you’ll notice how fast you want to get rid of all that is no longer necessary.  De-cluttering can happen in a flash.

Go for a really intense run, do some cardio, lift heavy weights, do some really intense power yoga.  Get that aggressiveness out in a way that makes you feel like you’re releasing any tension and anger while giving yourself a healthy boost at the same time.

Aquarius is the water-bearer, going for a swim, taking a nice bath or shower will soothe you.  Go to the cottage and sit by the lake. If you’re into crystals or gemstones, try turquoise or aquamarine.

If you’re in the mood to just let it all out, turn up the music loud.  Blare it to your hearts content and move, get that energy out there.

If you’re one of the lucky one’s not being bothered by current energy but rather are harnessing your energy for positive ends, use it wisely.

If you’re feeling this energy positively you likely feel accomplished or that you are capable of accomplishment at whatever you choose to do.  Go for it with all your might.  If it is productive and has real value, it’s worth the effort.

Getting deeper into our focus, there is an air of mystery with people right now. Looking into someone’s eyes will reveal a lot of messages, that are profound.  Magnetism you see in others and yourself is blooming with potential and you may be curious to know what someone may do. There is a glowing genius and a blend of glamour beneath the surface ready to be expressed in many of us and it’s attracting our focus. You may feel this vibe strongly.

In terms of relationships (friendship, love, even your personal connection to a celebrity) you may find yourself connecting with someone not realizing some minor aspects in their personality. If the minor aspect comes to the surface, it might create a bit of a problem in the relationship. If it’s something as minor as a physical trait, or quirky characteristic you consider less than beautiful, check your perceptions. There’s much more to people, and that magnetism may be much more meaningful than your preconceived notions. Give others the benefit of the doubt that there is a depth to them that really is so beautiful.

You may need to work harder to make your relationship work. Take initiative in making positive choices for yourself and your partner.

Who are you? What do you want to express in the world and share with the collective?

Act on your impulses when they benefit others. When choosing what to do, think about how you’re impacting the collective. Although you may be considering your individual gain in choices you make, a broader perspective on how your decisions are impacting others is important now.

There is a dance of your internal self and the external world right now. You’ll notice the dance is a partnership. As you move the world moves, and as your environment changes it influences you to your core. Be attentive to the movement and flow of the choreography you are making in the world. You could choose to turn the dial of your reality to Groove, Jazz, Pop it’s up to you. If you go the route of death metal, for instance, you’ll literally feel like your head is banging against a wall. That won’t serve you well, or win you any Awards for Best Choreographer.

Reaching for a bottle of Jack Daniels will skew your reality in a way that is beyond a social or lighthearted moment of kicking back.  The potential for over doing it is high and will be too much for you right now whether you are choosing to be self reflective and alone, or out on the town. You don’t need the crutch for self expression and deep reflection.

If you do get the urge to get a little wild in time for the full moon you may end up shedding a few tears and expressing a little more than you really want. Spontaneity can sometimes lead to regret. After all is said and done, will you be better for having the experience?

Fuel your creative and emotional side in more productive and healthy ways. Indulge yourself in painting, sculpting, anything that gets you feeling your creative juices flowing.

Gambling your finances will likely not bear fruit for many. Put your money in directions that you know are wise investments. For instance, a lot of people are re-investing in BP Oil after the leak was sealed.  There’s still going to be a roller coaster ride.  Really think about what you are putting your money towards is contributing to the world.  Think bigger than your own initial possible reward.

Many will feel the need for privacy.  Enjoy it while it lasts if that’s what you really are intent on., but don’t let your need for privacy anger you if others are putting on the demands for your interaction.  Let them know in the kindest way, you’d rather just relax.  It could keep you from avoiding confrontational behavior to spend some time alone.  If others need you, be there for them, but if there’s no real gain in going out, me time could give you more of what you need.

Life may feel a little chaotic for a lot of us, and you can overwhelm yourself about all the necessities to reach your goals. You’re putting too much pressure on yourself. There’s so much to do to get to that place you are envisioning. Getting organized will make you feel so much better and during the process you will notice you are building optimism. Your enthusiasm will evoke flashes of insights about expanding and reinventing yourself that weren’t coming to you in a disorganized state. This is an excellent time to get practical and focus with determination.  Problems can be solved by being helpful to others too.

It’s a really good time to rethink about who you want to be in the world. Write your ideas down in lists, to help you focus and take it one step at a time. Make a plan, so you can see yourself progressing naturally. Be adventurous with brainstorming; think outside the box about what you want to do. Be direct and decisive and your enthusiasm will grow about what is possible and will be contagious.

There is a balance being played with right now with authority on the political world stage that have tensions rising.Intolerance is not making it any easier and there may be a fast and furious approach to try to balance things out. Saturn in Libra is in opposition to Jupiter in Aries, fast action, aggression and a waring attitude could potentially escalate. There is a lot of discontent and restlessness. Let’s hope Saturn’s more responsible, restrictive side helps and doesn’t hinder what happens. If emotions and physical energy are built up, the problems could worsen.

For all of us, speaking out too soon and inappropriately can be detrimental.  Think first. Tensions can be calmed with good intentions. Remember the importance of the collective in choices.  What you give out, comes back to you.

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This forecast has been written by Symbolic Living.  © 2010. All rights reserved.

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