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New Moon in Cancer July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse

By Symbolic Living.

It’s a New Moon in Cancer and a Solar Eclipse! This new moon hits at 3:40 pm EST on July 11, 2010.

The energy of a solar eclipse is long lasting, with some feeling it’s influences as much as 6 months away.

The eclipse is a symbolic experience of death and rebirth.

The energy of the moon overtakes the sun for a time and becomes a dominant force in our world. It is symbolic of the collective unconscious ruling over the ego.  Although it is often instinctively interpreted as dooming to see the sun go dark, it shows us the swiftness in which transformation can take place.

It’s a time of awakening, realizing the Self and recognizing the transformation in life that takes place moment to moment. The darkness blots out the sun for a time, and the radiant, life giving light returns seemingly brighter and more alive.  Bring that energy and awareness to all you do. Newness comes alive.

The Moon rules Cancer so you know there’s going to be even more increased  energy and significance here. Like a feedback loop of more integration of the influences.

Right now the moon is calling us to bring forth an element of focus on a long term goal. This time calls for benefiting from study and concentration, whether it be in higher education, borrowing texts from a library, researching online, or learning a new skill through practical application.  The potentials depend on your hearts desire. It won’t be uncommon to see people feeling a level of anxiety though.  Your instincts could be spot on, but they could also be working overtime. Couple this with the emotions about achievement and some people may feel doubts about what they are capable of.

However, potential for success in business is high overall right now.  Hard work and a sense of progress, along with patience, will reap results. Avoid quarrels whenever possible, it really won’t get you far.  Take a step back and keep your eye on being enthusiastic and ambitious about what is possible. The energy is there.  Direct it towards your aspirations instead of fighting against perceived obstacles. Emotions may be there that take you off course, but do your best to keep them in check.

Home will likely be a good place to offer you some respite so you can feel a sense of comfort and grounding.  It will give you a balance you need while your mind considers what you wish for and how to attain it.  At home you’ll be able to thoroughly consider what you are capable of without getting overwhelmed by what you think may not be achievable. Going out, partying, won’t be the best use of your time right now, it’s more of a distraction. It may make you feel like you’re getting behind in what really matters in your life.

Keep in mind, the slightest thing could put people on the defensive as an instinctive reaction.  This is a safety mechanism people use to protect themselves by creating distancing barriers from others. People naturally want to feel good and anything they perceive that could damage their emotions could cause them to react.

Disharmony in relationships may be notable.  Maybe you don’t feel compatible with someone.  Even though you may have a lot of good intentions in love, you may be rushing things in a way that puts your partner off.  If you are nagging someone, you’ll most likely not get the results you want for emotional fulfillment from the relationship.  Don’t harp on something if your partner isn’t responding well to you initially bringing up a subject.  Inhibitions that are unspoken of, including sexual inhibitions could cause tension that blocks the emotional feelings of balance you’re looking for. If you or another feels critiqued and observed with judgment it could spell disaster for any passion to grow. Money matters could also put a strain on the relationships ability to flourish into a companionship that feels fulfilling.

Although you may feel like a long distance traveling expedition could do wonders for your exploratory side, staying close to home has a lot of benefits.  Seeing familiar faces, sleeping in your own bed, having a nice dinner with family and close friends really does offer a lot of emotional balance.  Choose who will be around though because with the likelihood of tempers flying off the hand easily in some instances, well mannered people are the best option.

It won’t be unlikely for people to be pulling temper tantrums. Nervousness and restlessness are possible.  Nobody likes to be around people who burst out with rage.  Do your best to not be the one who instigates any radical behaviour.  If you’re feeling a lot of excess energy, put it into use.  Direct your energy towards something that is familiar and orderly to keep yourself in line.  Your attention to detail might be magnificent if you focus which will take whatever you do to the next level, but if you are doing something so meticulously and don’t give yourself breathing space, frustration can erupt.

If you generally have a tendency to get anxious, or have social anxieties, you’ll also feel safer at home surrounded by familiar things. This doesn’t mean you should become a hermit, but it does mean working on things, including personal self-help and self awareness through personal explorations can be beneficial.

Is your house a mess? Does it need to be cleaned?  Oh well.  Do what’s necessary to keep your place somewhat tidy, but if you don’t have the energy, or the desire to clean, give yourself a break and let it slide.  You can pick up the clothes off your floor later.  If you’re comfortable enough with a little mess right now, don’t worry about it.  If you have someone coming over, don’t get uptight about a little mess here and there.  It’s your home.  Of course it’s going to look lived in.  Having a museum for a home right now just isn’t going to feel as good as being real will.  It’s time to be a little more authentic right now instead of putting on an illusion of what you think would be “best”.

Anyone with food issues may feel it a little more heightened now.  Pick up a cookbook and make something that feels nourishing to the soul and the taste buds. Instinctively you’ll know what your body needs. Remember food also nourishes the mind.  A good meal will stimulate your thinking processes and enhance your mood.

Making a meal for someone else will make you feel good.  Think of yourself as a mother figure, providing a meal full of love for your friends, family and yourself. All that energy will hit the spot for everyone enjoying a healthy dose of real soul food. There’s a big difference between soul food, and junk food.  Processed foods and junk will not make you feel good on a soul level.  Choose the best options with lots of flavor, lots of love, and a lots of nutrients for the whole self.

Do something creatively inspiring. Writing, reading a play, exploring the arts are good ways for you to tap into emotional freedom now. You’ll likely want to be yourself, to be comfortable feeling free and authentic in who you really are.

Until next time, we hope you enjoy exploring your place in the big picture of life and the universe we are all a part of.

This forecast has been written by Symbolic Living.  © 2010. All rights reserved.

Stay tuned for our regular installments of  New Moon and Full Moon Forecasts by Symbolic Living.


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