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Full Moon in Capricorn June 26 2010 Eclipse

By Symbolic Living.

It’s a Lunar Eclipse at 7:30 am EST on Saturday June 26.  Right now, the Full moon is in Capricorn and the Eclipse is going to emphasize this influence.

Challenges.  Resistance.  Limitation. Restriction.  All sounding glum and dreary?  Not so.  Although there is a lot of potential for challenges, there is also energy there for a breakthrough, often influenced by what is restricting you. It isn’t going to be easy but transformation is inevitable.  Be an observer to what’s happening while thinking about the bigger picture of your life.  Things can happen that are really meaningful and memorable in your life during an eclipse.

There is a Grand Cross happening right now.

Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are all in difficult aspects to the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto.  Whoa! Now that’s a lot of power and a lot of challenges.

The sign of Capricorn is accomplishment oriented and this Full moon in Capricorn is emphasizing these qualities.  Climb that Mountain! But you may feel like you’re stuck at the bottom of that mountain by personal inhibitions and lack of confidence. It’s ok.  We all feel inhibited at time and in some area of life we all lack confidence.  Anyone who doesn’t recognize their own challenges as being real or true, and puts on a show that everything about themselves is effortless, aren’t really being honest and accepting of just how complex being human really is.

The time surrounding this eclipse, including the week before and after, even beyond, many may be aware they have a lot of goals and aspirations but are feeling limited in area’s of life ranging from money, self confidence, to limits people at home such as family are placing on you. It’s as though what we aspire to achieve and attain is kind of buried, and we want a break. What feels like an obstacle to you?

When these kinds of feelings of limitations are present, and we focus on them, we’re actually giving ourselves a good look in the mirror and getting real with what is possible for us.  Looking at all the different angles and possibilities of what we can achieve is put into focus.  Maybe you’d like to try branching out in a new area, a new job, a new place to live, a new………..fill in the blank.  Think about your goals in a longer term range, and see how by reflecting on what is limiting you right now, you actually are building on the possibilities by finding out more about who you are and where you’d really like to go.  You’ll be able to get clearer on what direction you want to take.

Many will have a more low-key emotional response to things happening than during other full moons. Capricorns are like that – more to the point and less about wallowing.  A little grumbling is possible, well maybe a lot, but it doesn’t last long. However, you may see people acting out, being boisterous during a full moon.  The acting out can be an indication of something deeper within being inhibited, and the acting out is just their way of covering it up and putting the focus on something else to keep it hidden.

If you feel uninspired because of a lack of confidence right now, be in the company of someone who is inspiring.  Read a biography or watch a documentary on those who have gone through the challenges but have overcome the internal and external obstacles to achieve their desired success. You know, the most interesting people are those who have “gone through it”, and have overcome adversity.

If you’re feeling a little down and emotionally burnt about the challenges, just remember that obstacles create results. Obstacles are internal and external, and you may be your own worst enemy at times. Many people won’t do much or accomplish much unless there is an external influence giving them determination and a reason to push forward.  Resistance gets us real with what we have to do.

Think of yourself as an evolutionary step, coming out of the water suddenly for the first time and stepping onto land.  What a challenge and powerful transition that is in itself.  The eclipse points to that place of transformation.  Life isn’t about just achieving goals, there’s a whole process involved and life is the process.  You get to experience every step of the way, and your life has meaning.  Your life is like a movie; you have a story to tell, an important story worthy of your existence.  All your trials and triumphs are there for you to recognize who you are right now.

Some people focus on the goals and miss out on so much from point A to B.  Work hard for results, but the eclipse shows us that transitions happen naturally and progressively as they are meant to, so watch the process and enjoy it. They also show us that things can come up suddenly, things that we hadn’t expected arise.  How you react, and what you do with what comes up, is up to you. There is always going to be that mountain to climb.  For now, just breathe in the fresh air as you step out of the water.

You might actually have a headache around the eclipse and feel heavy within, like gravity is pulling on you more than you’d like. You may even have nausea or indigestion.

Visualizing your goals and ambitions could lead to real breakthroughs.  Internalize.  Feel that earth element in a beneficial way. Don’t rush things, there’s no point, it won’t move things any faster. Forcing things could just create unnecessary limitations in the process.  Getting into your hobbies, or even thinking of some new one’s you’d like to take up could open up some revelations about what you’d like to achieve in the bigger picture of your life. Get down to earth with doing something enjoyable.

A quick tip – keep your bank account up to date.  Pay attention to your online account with your bank.  Make sure you didn’t overlook putting a check in the bank or paying a bill. Also, try playing the lottery.  Even though there is a one in a multi-million chance of winning, it is an eclipse, and sudden changes from external happenings might make you the lucky one.

Communications could be totally off right now. Think before you speak and don’t blurt anything out from your emotions, especially with people at home.  Home might feel strange right now.  People may not get along, and may not want to. Be kind if possible.  Even pets have feelings so make that extra effort to be nice, even when they are asking for all your attention and you just want to be alone doing your own thing. Even on a deeper level, dreams might be coming to you with messages.  Write them down if you have a hard time remembering them. More importantly if you wake up from an emotionally draining dream, try to collect your thoughts and imagine a spiritual, more mystical energy surrounding you to clear away any negative feelings.

Don’t over-dramatize.  Don’t overreact.  It will make things worse.Your judgment might be off so take a step back before reacting.

Pessimism is possibly in the air. You might feel it for yourself or from others.

It would be nice to be Pollyanna with the astrology forecast, it is an eclipse and eclipses are supposed to be exciting right!  Well yes, but all the challenging aspects with the Grand Cross are showing us that although there are challenges and we need to recognize what is, we can take a moment to step back and bring our positive efforts forward to counter the influences going on.  By being aware, you’re ahead of the game.  Much of life has to do with our responses and reactions to what happens.

At least, now you know, and can take the precautions when you encounter less than positive things happening, both within and before your eyes.

The G20 is happening in Toronto and the city is so quiet I hear.  Protesters are far from the scene of talks and still bringing forth their views, but most of the city seems to be on vacation. This event happening during the eclipse, there will be breakthroughs but it won’t come without challenges.

This forecast has been written by Symbolic Living.  © 2010. All rights reserved.

Stay tuned for our regular installments of  New Moon and Full Moon Forecasts by Symbolic Living.


3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Capricorn June 26 2010 Eclipse

  1. Everything all makes sense now, im a capricorn and everything said up above rings true and now I know what it is I will be more leinient on myself lol


  2. 🙂 With your totally direct understanding and communication you make me feel like my hand is held through all the ups, downs, corners and drops – a voice that translates the universe’s musical embrace and keeps me attuned to the Grand choreography. It routes me in the wisdom that I am inextricably tied to all that is and that the dance is groooovy no matter what! Your readings have been so unspeakably accurate and personal to me lately that I consider them an ethereal sister with whom to collect my co-ordinates.


  3. hi , well I’m capricorn 22 12. and all the above is true, I’m going through the moment where I am bit angry for no reason , it might be the case where thing are not happening , but most important is deep within I know things willl suddenly change and it shall change for the better, the lunar eclipse does make one remarkable changes and I’m waiting for the unexpected for good to happen ..


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