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Mountain Pose – Yoga

Start  your Yoga practice with focus and attention. Be present.

Mountain Pose is one of the most basic yoga poses for beginners.  Mountain Pose is a Standing yoga pose and is often the first posture to be learned.

Many yoga practice sequences begin and end with Mountain Pose.  In sanskrit, mountain pose is called Tadasana.

This pose may look simple but in fact it is often difficult for people to master because it requires bringing equilibrium to the body and mind energies.  Beginners should familiarize themselves with postures with regular practice and attention gradually and work on a variety of asana’s to correct any postural problems.

Beginning Mountain Pose:

  • Stand with feet together, big toes, ankles and heels touching.
  • Keep your knees straight, keeping your thigh muscles raised.
  • Lift the front of the body, extending the spine upwards towards the ceiling, stretching legs up.
  • Shoulder blades should be pulled back, towards each other, while the shoulders are held back.
  • Arms should hang loosely to the sides with hands facing the hips, relaxed.
  • Relax the face and extend the neck up looking straight ahead.
  • Your concentration should be focused on centering the body with your weight balanced on both feet equally.
  • Keep an awareness of the soles of your feet.
  • While extending upwards, make sure you are focused on both sides of the body equally.

When practicing Tadasana – Mountain Pose, stay in the posture for up to 60 seconds.  If you are practicing Tadasana as part of a sequence of poses, less time is required.

Extra Notes:

Do not hold the breath.

If you have injury, back or knee problems, to not jump into poses, move into them gradually and gently.

As with all health care practices, consult your physician if you have concerns.


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