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Feng Shui Wisdom – Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo is great to bring an auspicious, positive energy flow into your home. Bamboo is the primary, or at least best known, plant used for improving Feng Shui energy flow.

In the picture you can see the red string that ties the bamboo stems together. This is also part of the practice of Feng Shui for auspiciousness. Also note odd numbers are positive in Feng Shui lore.

I once had a friend who loved to buy goldfish for their Feng Shui effects, but she never took into account buying bigger tanks for all the fish she brought home, so I ended up buying tanks, equipment, and became the caretaker. I fell in love with their unique personalities as much as she did. Odd numbers in goldfish were her reason for buying more, regularly.

Interestingly, I just learned with my recent purchase of bamboo that Lucky Bamboo is actually not bamboo, but Dracaena. I thought I’d pass along that interesting bit of wisdom.

Besides Feng Shui, bringing plants into your home is great for purifying the air of toxins and bring oxygen into your space. Not only do plants look good, they also make you feel good.

Plants are really important in Feng Shui by bringing in the energy of the life force into your area.

The shape of plants is important.  Plants like the Dracaena (bamboo) are upright and have pointed leaves so have a Yang energy.  Place them in the south as well as in corners where they can move the energy.   Plants that are more round and hang are considered Yin and do well placed in the north for a calmer energy.

If you don’t take good care of your plant and it gets sick, it will create energy in your space that is stagnant.

Cut plants may be beautiful, for a while, but are dead.  Choose living plants that are potted instead.

More on Feng Shui and plants to come soon.  Stay tuned and bookmark Symbolic Living.



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