Guerilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening is something wonderful I have just discovered, and also had the opportunity to participate in. I fondly remember the one outing I had planting native species in every nook and cranny I could find.

Should I bother to explain? My last line of the last paragraph is pretty much the essence of Guerrilla Gardening, to my knowledge anyhow. I am about to read an article about the subject, so maybe soon I will be better informed as to the intricacies, if they exist, of my newfound rebellious approach to saving the planet. Maybe someone out there has some experience or knowledge to share?

For now, I will share what I know by telling about my recent dip into the art of Guerrilla Gardening….

My boyfriend and I were set to help out some local schools and community groups plant trees. When we showed up to plant, we found ourselves walking along a nature path in a forest in order to find our comrades. To our surprise and disappointment the group was planting under the canopy of a perfectly happy forest. There was the occasional field, but as I understand it, fields are important to forest ecosystems because they allow for light loving species to grow and feed the other animals that rely on them.

When we inquired as to the strange location of the tree planting endeavor we never received satisfactory answers. It seemed as though a surplus of trees had been handed down from somewhere and needed to be used up. This is just my assumption, but it was all very weird indeed. Anyway, the two of us helped out for a bit, but very much felt that our efforts were futile and could be better used elsewhere.

We carefully wrapped 7 saplings into a sweater and armed with a shovel and a truck (yes, I’m sorry, a truck) we ventured to find areas in need of trees. Our first stop was an old gas station lot that had been cleaned up and given a fresh coat of dirt and turf. We gave 4 trees a new home in the lot.

Next came a stretch of grass near the highway that was looking rather bare. Following this, one tree ended up in my father’s yard, to replace the magnificent beauty of a pine that had been unnecessarily cut by hydro workers, and the last into a pot to in our apartment until we can find a suitable home for it.

So there you have it. My brush with Guerrilla Gardening; small, short lived, but very satisfying and quite possibly addictive.

Planting native species wherever you see fit is a euphoric way to feel like you are actively making a difference. I say spread those seeds, plant those saplings and get your friends to help you out!

For now, I’m going to read more about my new found extra-curricular activity and if anyone can share some wisdom on the subject I would be delighted to read it!

~ Leisha C.D.

Check this video out for some inspiration on starting your own Guerilla Gardening.

You don’t have to go as far as this guy did. He took it to the next level and went all out! Just throwing a few seeds into an area is awesome enough to make a positive change.  It’s always nice to go back to a place and see that you made it a little more beautiful and alive.  Do what feels right and good.

Guerilla Gardening


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