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New Moon in Gemini June 2010

It’s a New Moon in Gemini, Saturday, June 12, at 7:14am EST.

Right now there can be conflict between feelings and rationality. Some people may speak up quickly, even too quickly, saying exactly what they feel without rationally thinking through the impact and consequences of revealing what is said. People who attempt to merge rational thoughts with intuition will experience more balanced reactions than those who  jump to conclusions based on emotions.

You may also note people are thinking, saying and doing many things at once with great versatility engaging in many activities at once.

You may feel a strong desire to speak up about things you are interested in or have firm views in.  Don’t blurt out other people’s secrets, or even your own if you can help it.  Try to hold back a bit by thinking things through.  Some people may talk your ear off, annoyingly so, like a chatterbox.  But if you’re in sync with someone on a topic, the conversation will be really great, revealing a lot of deep revelations and bringing up meaningful ideas.

Don’t give away too many personal secrets to people you only know as an acquaintance, someone may use what you say against you, so be aware of potential motives strangers may have if you giving up the goods.

Try to listen as much as you desire to talk.

The quickness of responses can be used positively, for wit, humor and conversation.  But don’t make fun of other people, it may hurt their feelings on a really deep level or they may have the fortitude to bring you down to size easily with their fast, poignant responses that may trump yours immensely. Their words may hit you right at the core, leaving you gasping inside, desperately seeking more compassion.

Be acutely aware of what you’re saying has an effect on others.  You know, sometimes things said or heard can stick with people for a lifetime, changing them forever.  Be sensitive to others as much as you would appreciate others being sensitive to your feelings.  Even more-so if you don’t get phased easily, because others may be impacted significantly by a sharp tongue.

There’s a tendency to have a higher nervous energy right now, and impatience. A bit of worry isn’t out of the equation either, so ensure your words don’t instigate others to feel too drawn inward.

Some people will feel quite shy, compassionate and sensitive right now.  Take the best of these qualities and see people for who they are on a fair and considerate level. Shy people can often have an aspect of lowered esteem in one area or another.  Showing them you care and aren’t judgmental will make them feel better, more connected and confident that you really are considerate of their thoughts and feelings.

Many people wanting to stay home won’t be surprising this weekend.  Some may feel secluded even when in crowds.  A need for privacy is likely this weekend.  Time alone is important.  Peace, quiet may be especially fruitful and necessary for some.  Writing poetry, listening to music and paying close attention to the meaning of the lyrics may be moving and inspiring.  Take some time to do what feels personal. Do something that feels meaningful to you and if you’re doing for others behind the scenes, recognition won’t be necessary for you to feel fulfilled.  You’ll know that what you’re doing is for a good purpose and that’s enough. This time is auspicious for you to be of service to others.  Self sacrifice is possible for those who are very giving, so try to find the balance so you don’t get lost in the process.

Avoid negative escapism. If you have a tendency to indulge in anything that lowers your energy or takes you to the edge of extreme emotions try to avoid protecting yourself from the outside world.  Communicate with others in a healthy way that doesn’t seclude you.

Conversation may be a powerful experience for you this weekend, especially with people you really love, trust and know care about you or show a genuine interest in your thoughts and feelings.  Discussing problems and concerns with loved ones likely will show some support now.  Do you have a secret you’re ready to talk about with someone you are close to?  You’ll have support this weekend if you’re really feeling ready.

If you’re not the type to want to spend too much time alone or at home you’ll find being sociable with friends and acquaintances will be good this weekend, especially if you have ideas to bounce off others, they’ll be good sounding boards with feedback to consider. Join an online group or society in your area that has common interests as you, discuss deeper concerns, even mystical subjects.

Venus is really shedding light on the personality right now.  Jewelery, clothes, makeup, a new hair style, all these things will make you feel good about yourself, like you’re shining forth your creative self reflected in your choice of aesthetic beauty.  Go to a fashion show.  Go to an art installation with friends. Check out some old or unusual pieces to add to your collection, or sell to make extra bonus cash. Find inspiration for making changes to your home.  The decor given the Goddess touch will be transformational. Delicious and beautifully displayed foods will be a bonus boost to your feelings. You’ll have a lot of fun and be very inspired by all that is beautiful. Be spontaneous. Short bursts of creative energy may show up.  Try on something new  even if you don’t buy it, just experiencing seeing yourself in a new way will be fun.  You’ll feel lucky.  Jupiter trines Venus, so enjoy.

In terms of relationships be kind, express your love.  Emotions may run high and you may even find there’s a tendency to be possessive and feelings of security in love may be up in the air.  If you’re relationship is due for a change adding romance and spice to the relationship will be cherished.  Give love and you’ll receive love. Relaxing conversation, and relating in depth are both helpful to the relationship.

Speaking of Jupiter, Uranus and Jupiter joined in conjunction earlier this week.  Starting something new, something transformative, especially in terms of business will be especially powerful.  Got a new direction, and ready to let go of something that wasn’t working.  It’s time to make that change. Be adventurous and original.  Think long-term growth being started by choices and actions you take now.

Are yourself worrying a bit, possibly feeling a lack of self-confidence in career or business?  There could be some doubts possibly long-standing aspects to your personality rooted in early age about your abilities or where you feel limitations.  You want to expand right now, and feel the need to grow and are considering taking new directions in career.  Saturn may be making you feel frustrated, and is evident especially at those times when you think you’re making progress.  He’s pushing everyone to be more responsible, and work hard to achieve those goals, and although irritating at the time, it’s be for your own good in the long run.   Your sense of optimism might be peaking these days, and any setbacks might feel bigger than they are. Issues at home may be in conflict with career goals. Although there is tension, stay optimistic, Jupiter is powerful and in the 10th house you have strength and abilities to really grow.  Take any responsibility and limitations as a gift to get you clearer on your direction.

Be true and kind to yourself and others.  Share what you love and care about and make those personal connections that will make you feel good.

See you at the Full Moon in a couple weeks.


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