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Medieval Festivals

Osgoode Medieval Festival

Have you enjoyed going back in time by visiting a Medieval Festival?

Medieval Festivals are teach the history of Medieval times through theatrical demonstrations and practical experiences.

Enjoyable for anyone wanting to see and learn more about Medieval lives.

  • Society
  • Architecture
  • Medieval Clothes and Crafts
  • Sword fighting
  • Chivalry and Armour
  • Combat
  • Music and Dance
  • Blacksmithing
  • Archery
  • Jesters and Comedy acts
  • Jousting Events
  • Feasts and Banquets
  • Magicians
  • Fire Eaters

Many Festivals have continuing stories dramatized from year to year.

Medieval Festivals 2010

Upper Canada Village Medieval Festival June 11-13, 2010

Osgoode Medieval Festival July 9, 2010

Tewksbury Medieval Festival July 10-11, 2010

BC Renaissance Festival July 16-18, 2010

Illinois Renaissance Festival August 28-29, 2010

Englands Medieval Festival August 28-30, 2010

Ohio Renaissance Festival September 6 – October 17

Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival September 9-12, 2010

Royal Medieval Faire September 18, 2010

If there is an event in your area, let us know.

Contact us or type a comment in the field below and we’ll add your event to the list.


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