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New Moon in Taurus May 2010 Astrology

A lot of people feel depressed when a new moon roles around. A new cycle is beginning and with the release of what was, there can be sadness.  There’s attachment to the past many feel, and letting go isn’t easy.  A new beginning emerges and the anticipation can sometimes draw a feeling of melancholy to the surface, like starting a new year of school at the end of a nice summer.  Endings like leaving a nice vacation or a visit with family and friends to return home. There’s a feeling of the past being gone forever. But we can remember what was, when needed, and with new beginnings there’s a lot of opportunity for growth and more good times to enjoy.   With new beginnings we can lay claim to what we want to achieve and become.  Astrology reflects to us that life encompasses cycles, a past and future, but above all now is what matters most.  Now is when we have the opportunity to be who we are, to feel who we are and to decide who we will become.

This new moon is in Taurus at 9:04 pm EST.  The influences are to be noted for the next few days, and are the catalyst to getting things moving for the next couple weeks.

You may be feeling a strong desire to improve yourself. This is an opportunity for you to embrace your desires for things that make you feel good, and it may be a reminder of what you long for. In turn though, this may make you feel like you have less than you want. When we focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do the grass may seem greener on the other side, leaving us feeling a little empty. So choose to focus on what’s good.  If you do, you’ll find a lot of strength can come through you when you have the will to think positive.

The new moon is a great time to be planting those seeds that will grow over the next couple of weeks. Get clearer on what will make you feel good?

Maybe you feel like you need more money, or with the money you have you’d like to buy yourself things that will make you feel more attractive. Don’t overindulge though. Once you get started window shopping, you may find it difficult to stop buying once you make that first purchase. Don’t shop to feed your emotions.

Emotions will have an impact on your health right now, and vice versa. If you go to the gym or exercise you might feel like there’s a lot of improvement to be made on your part, and a long ways to go. Don’t get depressed about where you are now. Be grateful for what you do have. Love your body. Your desires are an opportunity for you to get clearer on what you wish for, and you may be wanting to see all that is beautiful right now. Maybe your not seeing it in yourself, but it’s there, and the potential is definitely there. It is unfortunate some people will choose to let their desires inflate things about themselves that they perceive themselves as not having.  Desires do have the ability to open new doors for us.  Desires are what keep us going, doing and becoming more.  It’s natural.  Embrace it, and use it to your advantage instead of to your disadvantage.

Do something earthy to get in touch with your body.  Go for a hike.  Sit by some flowers. Doing some gardening will make you feel really good.  Enjoy the smell of fresh herbs and flowers.  Cook some food with a lot of delicious fragrance.  These things will help you feel better emotionally.

This is a new moon that marks a great time to get yourself thinking about your dietary habits and how they reflect themselves in your physical body. Think of some great ways to enjoy food without going overboard. Think about the foods that make you feel authentically good through your whole body, mind and soul, not just temporarily on your taste buds. It might be difficult to stop eating just about anything that makes your mouth water. Food will taste nearly Divine. Even though you may be tempted to eat all that is delicious and delectable, the healthier foods will make you feel better overall.  Be creative.  Step inside your kitchen and pour a lot of love into the food you make, for yourself and others.  They’ll feel it.

Just a couple of days ago Mercury went direct in Taurus. This is great news.  There was a lot of miscommunication in April and the beginning of May.  A lot! Money may have been playing tricks, checks may have bounced, payments may not have gone through as expected.  Emails may have got lost, or someone may have taken your message the wrong way. Whatever wasn’t working out, things will get a bit easier now than they were.  You’ll feel clearer on what’s being said and be able to find the right words more easily. Mercury retrograde may have been a wake up call in many area’s for you to start paying closer attention to the details.  Take those lessons and use them now.

Going for job interviews and signing agreements will more likely work in your favor too.

You will likely be thinking more in practical terms, and possibly feeling a little more conservative about money.  Hold onto it gently.  Don’t become a miser.  Making good choices about how you handle your finances is always beneficial and you’ll find more support in that area now.  You may notice less mix ups at the bank comparably to what you may have experience during the past month. There’s a lot of positive movement in your creativity and intellect if you merge them.  Write, listen or play some music, read a story or tell one. Getting your mind to think creatively will bring forth new ideas.  You’ll have an eye for what you like and what looks good.  Put on an outfit that makes you feel brilliant, inside and out. Wear a piece of jewelery that makes you feel like your sparkling within.

You’ll likely notice more people you find attractive now.  Keep your eye open and let that sociable, charming side of you work it’s magic.  Don’t rely on other people’s opinion and approval to determine how you feel about yourself.  The truth is within you, let it shine.

Emotions could be a little tense right now, especially for those with a strong Mars in their chart.  Don’t be too impulsive, and don’t let yourself get caught in arguments, especially with family.  People may become compulsive, and some may even desire confrontation.  Especially Leo’s. Don’t give in, someone emotions will get burned if you let it escalate.  Anyone with too much energy may need to get it out of their system.  It’s best to go outside or work out.  Someone who wants to debate beliefs could get under your skin.  Don’t let it ruin your day. Take a deep breath, and end the conversation.  Talk about easier things everyone can relate to on the same page. Whether it’s your emotions or theirs, don’t get into it.  It might become too much. Helping others with chores around the house will be appreciated.  If there is domestic discomfort, be the one to make home feel good.  Try burning some candles or incense to create a peaceful ambiance.  Just make sure everyone likes it first.  If not, cooking delicious food that smells warm and sensuous will get everyone in your space a positive feeling of well being.

There’s a lot of potential for good communications right now to boost your emotions, so focus on what’s positive to bring more of that into your life.  Focus on what makes you feel good physically, and that will translate to you emotionally, and to others.

Remember, your emotions and others emotions blend.  So bring out the best if you can and it will reflect back to you.


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