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Full Moon in Scorpio April 2010

It’s been an interesting month.  This Full moon is in Scorpio so there’s a possibility that emotions have been quite intense lately and building over the past couple weeks.  Maybe you’ve had your emotional outlet recently, and if not, you may be having one soon enough.  All that water energy may end up having you shed a few tears. There can be the possibility of some dark secrets coming to the surface now, or something hidden coming to the surface that isn’t so pleasant

The full moon On April 28th is bringing the need to feel secure and stable and it may not be easy to find that.  You may have sudden disruptions, even confrontations.  Again, if it hasn’t happened already, be aware the possibility is there. Be kind to yourself and others to make any situations better than worse.

You may be feeling the need to express some of the deepest parts of yourself, but please don’t overreact if someone disturbs you, that sting of the scorpion can be fierce, and you might be the one wearing the stinger.  If not, and you’re the one stung, either way you’ll both be sore for the experience.

Although emotions may be intense for the past few days and in the days to come, notice them before you react.  If a situation comes to you that you hadn’t expected, allow yourself to feel the emotions.  Life is about experience.

You may notice communications are really not working out well near this full moon and you may not be willing to get too involved in groups.  People who are too practical in their thinking might get on your nerves, or you might find their ideas aren’t jiving with how you feel and they seem to not be considering your feelings in a way that is emotionally supportive. A lot of emotions may come up that deal with sex, conception and birth.

You may also be feeling some strong feelings regarding other people’s money.  Signing contracts isn’t a good idea when Mercury is retrograde, but with the moon in Scorpio and in opposition to Mercury right now there’s extra precautions in business affairs.

There’s also a strong opposition happening now that will test establishments, order and responsibility with the influential need to tear down that structure with revolution.  Big or small, revolutions happen in our personal lives as much as they happen in the bigger scheme of things. The need for personal transformation will likely feel resistance with what feels recognizable.  Domestic responsibilities at home may be strongly conflicting with personal ambitions.  Some may be experiencing their family responsibility as feeling strongly opposed to their need for freedom with your circle of acquaintances.  Your social choices may not be supported by those you live with.  Try to find the balance.

There’s a lot of tension right now, and the full moon can emphasize that immensely.  Although there is the strong energy of Scorpio’s rulers bringing intensity remember everyone needs love. Give love and receive love.  Let it flow.  Jupiter shows us that the support is there when we have good intentions.  Allow yourself dignity and share it with others.  Positive affirmations and prayerful thoughts will ease any tension.  Reconnect with the earth.  Reevaluate your communication and connection to the more sensual parts of life to balance your mind.  Although your emotions may get in the way, that will soon pass and your mind will be clearer.  Self transformation is in the air.  It’s not always easy, but breakthroughs can happen when you hadn’t expected.  It may be intense, but you’ll pull through and be better for having the experience.

You’re always becoming a new person, Scorpio supports the idea of reincarnation. You are reincarnating in every moment into a new you. Every experience allows you to be born again into a new reality, take advantage of it, you have the power to choose.

Personal Perspectives:

I personally have been practicing full moon rituals and the next full moon of scorpio is on April 28, the 14th lunar day of the lunar month Taurus. Scorpio, a water sign, and ruled by Pluto or ancient mars, indicates emotional intensity and hidden things. Intuition is at a high point. Excessive emotional energy and passion during this moon. Pluto is the planet of transformation, so this energy is present also with scorpio.

On the personal side, this moon connects to my fourth house, meaning this area of my life can prosper and benefit for the next month. I know this because Scorpio rules my fourth house. This is one of the many uses of lunar astrology, tracking the benefits of the full moon. The fourth rules home and end of life issues.

When using lunar astrology, it is a good idea to know what the lunar day indicates. The 14th lunar day is rather neutral in western tradition, inauspicious in vedic tradition, and auspicious in global tradition. The traditions do not agree many times, so you have to follow the patterns long enough to know which one applies best to you.

Another significant factor is the change of the lunar day. In lunar astrology this occurs differently than what we’re used to with our gregorian calendars. Though location specific, on this full moon day, the 15th lunar day begins after 8:00 pm DST.

Also, pay attention to void of course moons. Important actions and decisions are usually avoided if possible during VOC. There is no VOC on this full moon day. Also note the day and planetary hours of full moons, or any lunar day when astrological magic, etc. are to be performed.

This full moon of scorpio is on a Wednesday, ruled by mercury and peaks during the planetary hour of mercury (DST 0718) or venus (natural 0618, which shifts the planetary day <but not the gregorian or lunar day> back to tuesday, because the day begins with sunset and occurs for me at 0634) for me at my hometown; planetary hours are location specific. Also, keep in mind that ancient astrologers did not use daylight savings time, so for astrological magic the natural time shoud be adhered to, not DST.

To enhance the effects of this full moon of scorpio, one would pick the planetary hour of mars, the ancient ruler of scorpio to perform a ritual. I know the pagans love to perform full moon rituals around midnight, but paying attention to the planetary hour’s ruler can be an additional benefit, for each planet represents different energies.

Wednesday, mercury’s day, good for divination, communication, teaching, etc.. Mars denotes energy, courage, anger, power, lust, banishing, competition, needle crafts and aggression. Pluto is not included as one of the seven ancient planets and is not used in lunar astrological magic.

Blessings in Light,

Mervakah is a member of Symbolic Living, passionate about Astrology, and a graduate of Nadiya Shah’s Astrology course.


One thought on “Full Moon in Scorpio April 2010

  1. Thanks for this article. It makes perfect sense. Yesterday was an extremely emotion packed day with issues from the past coming forward. It occurred almost exactly on my MC/IC so it was definitely strong.


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