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Earth Day 2010 Reverence for the Earth

Earth Day is a time to remember our connection to the earth, the importance of life and our relationship to the world around us.

In many world cultures the world is seen as a testing ground, or a place to learn about ourselves and our souls.  But sometimes the focus is so much on humanities personal missions and an afterlife, we can lose reverence for the earth and lose our experience of now.  The world is much more than a place where we simply use to our personal disposal for our own benefit.  Many people believe we have dominion over the world and are superior to all else that exists in the world.  In that effect humans take on the dangerous position of having the right to do as we will with the earth without considering the bigger consequences for our actions.  This has lead to devastating results. The environment and life in all it’s forms are affected by our decisions, and the actions that result from choices.  The environment is polluted in a myriad of ways every day. Animals are slaughtered in the billions for human consumption with little consideration for their experience as living beings as a part of the earth. This is the result and expense of disregarding the value of earth as little more than a tool at our disposal for our own benefit.

There’s another view of the earth. A more holistic approach to seeing who we are as part of the world rather than simply on the earth, we are a part of its expression.

There is a view of the world, nature, the entire universe and all that exists within it as being as much a spiritual part of reality as the human soul is. This view see’s the world, and all sentient, living beings as being a part of the All, the universal Divine reality.  That All, is considered God.  Rather than the more common perception in our culture of God as a far off, distant force or being in a heavenly realm, the Divine is considered to be All that exists, and we humans are part of that expression, as is every other living being in existence.  Therefore, the entire world, all the plants, animals, every atom that exists to create the air we breathe, all the insects, the radiant sun, all of it considered to be the Divine expressing itself so that it can know itself through experience.

Volcano in Iceland

In this, Nature is viewed not as something we use and abuse as we wish, but as sacred, and the world is honored.  In all that we consider other than ourselves, is considered to be the greater Self.  All the parts we consider as separate, independent parts in the universe, are actually a part of the whole, the Oneness.

Going green is a step towards honoring nature.  Sure, many consider going green as a fad, and we can see businesses are using it to their advantage, but the bigger picture is nature is finally, in our culture, being seen again as being more important than our own selfish desires.  People are finally moving more into understanding the harmony between who we are with the environment as being vastly important.

Volanic electrical storm from the Iceland Volcano

There’s still a long way to go.  More people are waking up to this fact, but many are still perceiving themselves as more important than anything “not” themselves.  I still see people throwing coffee cups, among many other things, into the street before they get on the bus.  Just one simple example of mindlessness that occurs when we’re in our “own little world” instead of seeing the bigger picture of our actions.

Philosophies or theologies of Pantheism, Paganism, Druidry, Taoism, Hinduism, Native traditions, animism… can often seem foreign and non-desirable to many Western minds, however their underlying theme is based on the reverence for the earth and life and understanding the Divine expressed through the creation, as well as the evolution, of the universe.

The Earth is a place that has been here long before you existed and will remain long thereafter, but every person has an impact.  Every choice made influences this world.  The world and humanity are not separate.  Humanity can not exist without the environment.

Honor the air you breathe, the water you drink, the blue sky you see, the birds you hear, the flowers you smell, the herbs that heal your body, the sunshine that warms your skin, the bee’s that pollinate your food.  Honor life, Honor the Divine through honoring the world.  This manifestation we call the earth is so grand, so beautiful, so intensely mystical in our experience of reality when we connect to it, realize it, and acknowledge it’s magnificence.  Enjoy it. Love it.  Revere it for the reality it offers to you to experience.

Whether you believe in creation, or evolution or something else entirely it does not matter, for the world is here regardless of what you believe. It is here and you are here and that’s real. The world is where we live, it’s where we are experiencing life, right now.  The importance of all life, right now and throughout all your life, is worthy of our reverence and respect.  It is a divine manifestation you have the pleasure of being a part of.

We love flickr.  There are so many beautiful photographs of the world and the experiences in it to enjoy.  Some of the images linked to in this article are from a nature group we encourage you to check out.


2 thoughts on “Earth Day 2010 Reverence for the Earth

  1. What a wonderful article and photos. Thanks so much for posting this. This is the only way of thinking about religion that has ever made sense to me. Happy Earth Day to all.


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