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New Moon April 2010 Aries Astrology

Well it’s a new moon again already.  Time flies!

We know the new moon is a great time to get started on something new.

This month the new moon is in Aries.  This energy will be around for a few days, and soon enough Mercury is going to be heading into it’s all so famous retrograde phase, but we’ll talk about that in a minute.  Let’s see what’s going on with the Moon.

Moon in Aries is pointing to some possible friction, starting at the very root of your emotions.  This is the tendency but because everyone’s natal chart is unique you’ll find these influences showing up in your life in various ways.  Nonetheless something may ruffle your feathers, and it may be a quick jolt to your emotions.  Taking this energy into a useful direction for you, consider using those passionate emotions and move them towards setting goals that will take you through to the end of the month to build something with confidence and focus.  Emotions though really can make us feel unclear, unfocused and all over the place. It’s that watery aspect, but with a bit of fiery steam you might be able to use it to your advantage, just don’t blow your top in a sudden burst of emotional fury.  You may be tempted to, easily.

You may notice your home life feels like it needs a bit more control, but don’t take that need to control so far you are the one ruffling others feathers.  If you do you may start an argument instead of starting something more productive that the potential this influence can have. You may notice people have a tendency to be snappy in an uncomfortable way, but on the positive aspect some quick witted humor may make you feel great. Remember that if you notice others getting too forceful – try to turn around the conversation with some humor.  You may surprise yourself how witty you are.

Focusing on being creative during this new moon has great potential to strengthen your confidence.  Whatever you’re passionate about, really go for it.  Use those emotions to fuel your creativity and you’ll find pleasure in it. You may also find pleasure in being a little flirty with someone you’re interested in. Don’t go overboard though, don’t be too aggressive, this may not fuel the passionate flames of desire you may want, but rather instigate an unpleasant argument. Just be natural.

Although this is a really great time to initiating a new venture, it may not last long.  Aries shows us there’s a lack of follow through, so you may have great ideas, and powerful emotions to direct those ideas but it can be difficult to have anything to show for it if you don’t force yourself to be persistent and determined. Think of the energy right now like a match.  It sparks up quickly and powerfully, but the flame quickly burns out if you don’t use it to start a bigger fire or light a longer lasting candle. Take the match and use it before it burns out.

Mars is currently in Leo, with the Moon in Aries (ruled by Mars) you’ll likely note the connection right now about your identity, your sense of self and this is strongly connected to your roots.

In your dreams you may find some symbolic imagery giving you messages that are important related to your culture, family, mother and home.  Write anything down you intuitively feel is a message worth noting, but your memory may be short after waking up so keep a pen and paper ready by your bedside. Some messages may help you further self actualization, so don’t let the messages slip if you can help it.

Now that you’ve gone within, through dreams or introspection by utilizing the moon, and found more confidence and self awareness stemming from your roots you may notice in a couple days a bit of waning in your ability to share these aspects of yourself.  Although the moon will start to grow towards the full moon, Mercury will be going retrograde which can be a bit stifling for your outward expression of your internal feelings and thoughts.  However, this may give you the opportunity to reassess the new moon’s aspects on an intuitive level rather than sharing the aspects of yourself outwardly.

Mercury is currently in Taurus, a sign of pleasure and feeling in a more physical, embodiment way.  Food, creative arts, and anything that draws strongly on your senses may be reassessed right now with Mercury going retrograde.  Mercury in Taurus can be good news with the new moon’s energy.  You may rekindle a passion for those things that make you authentically feel good and this really blends well with the creative impulse the new moon has brought. But, again, because the new moon is in Aries, the flames of desire may be strong, but not burn long and Mercury retrograde offers us a time to go within a bit more and reevaluate ourselves.  Rather than being overly expressive during April, you may feel you are communicating more within your own thoughts rather than with others. Take advantage of it.  Although Mercury retrograde isn’t the best time to be starting new projects or signing important documents, it’s a great time to reinvent yourself.

You may feel like the plans you want to go for are really wanting to burst forth at the New Moon but are quickly halted within a few days, at least in making progress on an external level, but keep working on them within.  A lot of good things can come about when we regain focus by going within.

Enjoy the new moon while you can and enjoy spring during Mercury retrograde.  It’s the perfect time to reconnect with nature.  Take some time to use that Taurus energy, go for a walk and smell the flowers.  Take a hike in the forest, enjoy the sun on your skin.  Breathe deeply and feel good. Venus is currently in Taurus too, and is Taurus’ ruler so there’s extra emphasis on the pleasure principle from art to love, it’s a supportive time to feel good. When you’re out for that walk, see the beauty of nature as a masterful work of art.

We’ll be discussing the next full moon soon enough.

You may strongly identify with strong feelings and feel a connection to those who burn with the passionate flames of desire.

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