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Happy Spring

This Easter weekend I had the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and go for a nature walk with friends. Many of the flowers haven’t bloomed yet, but some are starting.  This is the first time, in a long time, I’ve really appreciated the power of Spring.

For years, Autumn has been my favorite time of year.  The air gets so crisp and fresh, the colors, the earthy fragrance from the tree’s, leaves and grasses.

This year, Spring has arrived with flowers on my mind.   Hyacinths, Crocuses, Tulips, Daffodils, and many I know not the name, are starting their journey towards the sun.  This year, spring has really caught my attention, unlike I have remembered for many years.

The sun is rising earlier and setting later.  Easter has arrived and passed and now we have the warmer summer months to look forward to in the Northern Hemisphere.

When I think of plants and how they strive towards the light it makes me think of the intention of Yoga and Kabbalah.  Both are ways of seeing and experiencing a connection to the light.   As above, so below, the ancient axiom that heaven and earth are connected.  Recently I was reading a bit about Yoga and it’s purpose.  In the West Yoga is often considered mainly as a physical exercise to stretch and strengthen the body.  That however, is work on the biological form.  Yoga is much more, not only does it affect the mind, but it’s very purpose is for spiritual union with the divine.  I’ve read, Yoga is about the human tapping into that spiritual energy force and bringing it down to the earth.  Like being a conduit of the spiritual world and connecting the earth to the light, and vice versa.

Similarly, Kabbalah or Qabalah in the esoteric sense, explains the process of creation of the Divine into the physical world from the spiritual subtle worlds and humanities climb back up the tree of life towards the originating source, the light.

When I look at the flowers blooming in spring, the birds arriving with their songs, I see the manifestation of the Divine, the life force.  Flowers show us the beauty of light, and what light and earth produce together.  They are like an expression of a Divine Union of elements manifesting themselves in the most artistically pleasing expressions of  the  senses.

It is endlessly fascinating how nature is coded with such complex signatures to bring forth the most creative and inspiring works seemingly without effort for our delight and opportunity to experience.

If you’re ever feeling down, or disconnected from yourself there’s nothing like really appreciating nature.  There’s so much to experience in nature, yet every day people are stuck to their routines and busy, hectic schedules.  Life passes us by when we don’t take the opportunities and prioritize what’s really important –  I mean, what’s really important.  Life and enjoying it.

Step outside on a sunny day and enjoy the art all around you.

To me, nature is symbolic of the Divine.  People think the Divine is so far away, but to me, it’s all around us.  You just have to see it in the everyday things we take for granted. It’s always there.

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