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New Moon March 2010 Pisces Astrology

It’s a new moon today.  “Beware the Ides of March”

New moon’s are a good time to get started, and initiate a new direction for yourself.  Today the New moon is in Pisces, an emotional, intuitive water sign, the last in the zodiac before returning to Aries.

A new moon in Pisces indicates sensitivities may be strong catalyst to initiate changes. If you’re emotional to begin with, you may feel your emotional self more strongly at this time on an inner level. Your home and personal space may be where you feel more connected at this time, take advantage of that.

The moon is in conjunction with the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus.  Conjunctions show us that these planets have a stronger influence on one another, and are really connected at this time.  The Sun will be moving into Aries soon, but for now, the Sun is making it’s connection with the moon, and is still in Pisces.  When the New Moon officially arrives, the sun and the moon will be in the same degree in Pisces.

The Sun being masculine fire and the Moon feminine water these aspects are blending in Pisces with a conjunction.  This indicates that although their energies are generally opposite in nature, there may be less focus on the contrast of their natures needing to be reconciled.  Instead, more merging of their aspects for wholeness in your personality and emotional self awareness is taking place.  There is a reflective, mirror quality here in terms of their conjunction and this provides the opportunity for parts of your personality to be awakened at this time. This will come about through internalized emotions bringing you more clarity of who you are during the new moon. Your personality seen by others will likely be more in tune with who you are, and how you are feeling on a deeper, personal level. However, Saturn, as noted below, shows there are some challenges here.

Mercury is also bringing it’s influence in conjunction with the moon.  Your clarity of thinking and ability to analyze yourself through self awareness will be supportive in resolving any emotional parts of yourself.   What you think may have strong influence over your emotions too, so be sure to not let your thoughts and emotions feed each other in a negative way. The clarity offered by mercury now may make this easier for you, but still be aware of how your thoughts and emotions are working on each other. Because Pisces is compassionate, you may find your thoughts lend themselves to being more loving towards yourself and others.  This is important, because it will give you the opportunity to overcome hurdles with a more respectful and giving part of your self. Your thoughts will likely be drawn to the more mystical side of yourself, and you may feel the need to keep things a little more secret than usual. Making note of your dreams will be helpful and  try to stay organized in your thoughts if you can. Pisces corresponds to the 12 house, so make sure you don’t become too escapist.

In the new moon, we are in a phase of re-emerging who we are.  Sometimes at this point we’re getting very internalized.  Too much internalization of our emotions can sometimes lead to depressive states, so if you feel like this now, don’t despair because the moon will symbolically be revealing it’s light soon enough, your light will begin to emerge as well.  Mercury in this position to the moon may be indicating some light gossip may be noticeable from you and those close to you such as family members.

A strong sense of freedom is with you now, especially in terms of emotions.  This is Uranus merging with the moon.  Although you may express your emotions you may have some feelings still within.  It’s as though you want your freedom through personal feelings and emotions to be on your own terms, not what others may dictate to you.  Stepping away, and getting connected to yourself and doing something that lets you express yourself freely will be good for you.  Sometimes being too close to family and those close to you means there are barriers to fully feeling free.

This really speaks well to what’s going on with Saturn also.  Saturn is in opposition to the moon, so you may feel like you’re wearing a mask over your emotions.  Although there is tension here, remember that there is some strong aspects to the Sun and Mercury working with the moon.  So the tension with Saturn could be the tool to awaken a breakthrough in your personality and your ability to communicate those, by digging deep into your emotions.

Saturn is really having a wallop of a time, and is in opposition to a lot of these planets that are near the moon.  Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Uranus all have their work cut out for them.  Being in opposition to the Saturn there’s a lot of tension making things feel difficult.  Saturn opposing Venus means you may feel like your money situation isn’t so great, and may worry you.  Venus will move on soon enough, so don’t worry. God knows though, when money is tight, it can really play with our emotions.  Stay strong. If you can tap into your emotions and be aware of how they are a driving force behind your moods, actions and communications, you may find yourself having utilized the tension Saturn is placing on you to help you achieve goals of becoming a better you.  Although you may feel a burden of discipline and hard work, realize that these things always make us stronger and better in who we are.

Although Jupiter isn’t close enough to the other planets in Pisces to be considered highly influential, we can still see that just being there, in Pisces is enough to give us some hope that luck will be on our side and on its way.

PiscesLast week was a really difficult week for me, and it’s been noted that others haven’t had an easy go either. Wednesday last week Mars went direct.    With each of us having our own natal chart and planets in different houses, it’s natural for us to feel the Mars’ very direct energy play itself out uniquely in different aspects of our lives.   For me, I felt a strong sense of bearing down on my identity and it wasn’t easy.  The funny thing was, I had completely forgotten what day the Mars direct was going to happen on because I was so busy in my everyday life.  I wasn’t really in tune with what was going on Astrologically. Suddenly, in Mars fashion, out of nowhere conflict came into the picture.  I had no idea where all this drama was coming from.

Interestingly, Mars has been hovering around my Natal Mars, called a Mars return.  Here around my first house, it’s been moving around for some time in retrograde, then Wednesday it went direct, and did it ever make itself apparent. It wasn’t until a couple days later I realized Wednesday was precisely the day Mars went direct. The first house being about expression into the world, our outward projection, relating to our sense of identity it made total sense. Conflict over my identity. I realized though that after all was said and done Mars really was supportive, even though it felt like I was at war for a while.  That passionate, direct, willing individual personality shone through all the drama and created a stronger sense of self identity and awareness. Ego was there, of course I’m not perfect, but it was there in just the right amount to allow for the identity to stand strong and firm in who I am.

For me, it had a lot to do with my personal spiritual path.  Being open minded to world cultural beliefs isn’t always easy when others wish you’d choose their personal path and make your own as a replica of theirs.  Each of us though have our own lives, we each see the world in a slightly different way, which makes us unique and in my opinion makes for a much more interesting world. We’re all drawn to things in a natural way in life that resonates specifically with us, and aligns with what feels right to who we are.

Speaking of Mars, as a note, the Ides of March was a Roman celebration of the god Mars and of course is the day Julius Caesar was killed.

I think this week, the new moon shares with us the awareness that we have the opportunity to become renewed in who we are.  It isn’t always easy.  Saturn shows us there is work to be done, but it will be worth it, and we have support and empowerment from nearby planets. We’ll delve deep into our emotions, or if we’ve already done that recently we have the opportunity to look at the lessons and renew ourselves as the moon supports us to grow.  Many of us may find our personalities and how we communicate who we are to the outside world from our inner thoughts will be challenging.  We may find some conflict there, but we’ll be more attuned to speaking our truths by knowing ourselves that much better. Like tides in the ocean, the moon pulls us upwards, and in waves of emotion and self realization we rise.  The full moon is in a couple weeks.  By then you’ll be shining bright.

This week, don’t let your emotions take over your character to the point of self sabotage, to yourself or to others.  Utilize that inner you, and all those feelings to know yourself better.  You may feel discouraged at points, but remember there is support.  Tap into it. You may feel the need to make sacrifices for others, but please not to the point where you lose yourself in the process.  You can be in the service of others, and likely compassionately so, but take care of yourself too. Find the balance.


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