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March 2010 Astrology Forecasts Nadiya Shah

Astrological Highlights February 2010

Hello Fabulous Astro Readers!

By: Nadiya Shah © 2009-2010

Theme of the Month

The most encouraging news this month is that Mars goes direct!

Since late last year, the planet of exercise and transformation has appeared to be going backwards in the sky.

Wherever we have felt ourselves lacking in energy or focus, we should find a notable improvement. Those who were into a more forceful sport like boxing, but suddenly found an interest in yoga, should see their more brazen side return. Our athletic skills should improve.

The changes we have been contemplating, with our actions and with our need for change, are ready to move forward.

In at least one area of life, we make an empowered step forward.

About Nadiya Shah

Nadiya Shah is a successful Sun Sign Columnist with a dedicated Internet fan-base and is one of the few people in the world to hold a Masters degree in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination (UKC). She is currently completing her first book. Her website is

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Aries Forecast March 2010

March 21- April 20

Since the start of the year, you have had an uncharacteristic lack of self-assurance. You know there are things you want to do. Long held dreams you thought you had abandoned came back into your life. This brought some delight, but also an awareness of where you may not have believed in yourself. If there was any doubt, this month you notice that you are different. Your power returns, and so does your groove. You take bold action and demonstrate empowered confidence as you declare your worth. This brings lovely rewards.

Taurus Forecast March 2010

April 21-May 20

There are times that are all about pushing forward. Other times ask that we work quietly yet diligently. This is a month where your find yourself increasingly paying attention to what you can do in the privacy of your own time to realize your goals. Next month comes the big launch. For now, allow the inner changes to be significant enough so that your launch has the power you desire. The place you are seeing any action is on the home front. Now comes empowered forward movement that brings resolution to any concerns that may have arisen. They made you stronger from the root up.

Gemini Forecast March 2010

May 21-June 20

Something that was lost is found. This could have a very practical application, like a document or piece of jewelry finally located when previous searches seemed there was not hope. However, the most significant thing you find this month is your own resolve. You have felt uncharacteristically reserved in the way you shared of yourself. Even conversations you were willing to have seemed harder to grasp, as you tried to express something with one intention but it was being understood with another. This month, you sense that life can finally move forward, and it is your action that allows room for blessings to find you.

Cancer Forecast March 2010

June 21-July 20

You have been spending a lot of time with money on your mind. You care about being financially secure at this time and have taken any action you could to raise your bottom line. Most things seemed like they did not work out, and some frustration may have been possible. For all this, you have been able to meet your needs. There has been blessings and support you can feel grateful for. Now comes a truly lovely development. Financial progress that makes you feel like your efforts matter is assured. Being able to provide for yourself is most empowering.

Leo Forecast March 2010

July 21-August 21

We all know people, who may hold a macho stance, but in their eyes you can see that there is something they are running from. These last few months you have, in your own subtle way, felt the need to maintain a hard stance. At the same time, there has been pain that is hard to deny. It has been quietly evident to those around you. What is most encouraging this month is that something in you heals. The need to be rough and tough leaves you, and life starts moving in a very positive and empowered direction. It will show in your eyes.

Virgo Forecast March 2010

August 22 to September 22

Something in you has felt restless. You cannot put your finger on it and you cannot quite explain it, but you feel it. At times, you found yourself working against your best efforts. Through the process, you may have been surprised by a certain introspection that was new to you.  You were being asked to find strength in your personal faith through the uncertainty. You rose to the challenge. You will now see your faith pay off. You get the clarity you need to tap into your faith and take some very empowered action.

Libra Forecast March 2010

September 23- October 22

You hate to admit it to yourself, but your friendships are changing. It is hard to let go, and you have felt so much fondness for this crew in the past, that to now find yourself separating from them seems particularly painful. This month you come to realize that you can love them but it is ok to move on. Resolution occurs, which allows you to appreciate the changes they imparted in you. You move forward this month with an empowered sense of who you are, where your life is heading, and whom it includes.

Scorpio Forecast March 2010

October 23- November 22

You know that you want something, but getting a precise grip on just what your goals are has made accomplishing anything less tangible. You have been reconsidering what it is you truly desire to be known for in the world. Something in you feels different. You have changed, and therefore what you want out of life is changing too. Slowly, you will find your faith to achieve the things you desire return. This inner connection to your truest desires will allow you an empowered step towards accomplishing a major goal.

Sagittarius Forecast March 2010

November 23- December 20

I have said it many times; a Sag who is not happy with their own life has a way of becoming judgmental on how others are living theirs. A sag not happy can become very righteous in what they belief because it provides them the distraction from the pain of a life less authentic. A Sag not focused on something that brings absolute enthusiasm, finds a way to look around and see things that hurt them. You have not been happy. This is about to change profoundly, and for the better. An empowered sense of adventure returns.

Capricorn Forecast March 2010

December 21- January 19

You have spent the last few months searching your heart and asking yourself where a change needs to occur. There were times when the answer was clear, but most of the time, it felt like you had insights but not the willingness. This month that changes. You allow something to end so that you can embrace the person you truly desire to be. Saying goodbye opens the door to a brand new beginning that involves a more self-possessed you. You understand where your energy is best spent and make a deep and empowered change.

Aquarius Forecast March 2010

January. 20- February 18

There has been a quiet resentment building within you. It seems to have come from the most unlikely source and it is something you have tried hard to deny. As accepting as you are, the truth is, you are not happy with someone. Now comes the understanding and the release. You will see something truly positive about this person, and while the relationship may have changed for good, there will be an empowered acceptance of your what action you can now take. Your change allows you to move forward, regardless of what the other may do.

Pisces Forecast March 2010

February 20- March 20

Your mind lights up this month, and it is as if a certain consciousness returns. You find a new awareness within yourself and find talking about the things that matter to you easier than they have been before. Many of your conversations revolve around your lifestyle and health consideration. You have been contemplating what action you can take to improve your wellbeing, but there has not been a lot of forward movement. This month that changes, as what you are willing to discuss leads to an awareness of the changes you need to make, followed by some very empowered action to experience greater health.

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