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Haiti Voodoo

The Black Madonna

The devastation in Haiti is obviously far from over, rebuilding lives, homes, businesses and an economy is only in its infancy.

During great times of need it is also important to gain understanding and to dispel the misconceptions created by historical points of view and the movies, that paint unfavorable pictures of a cultures spiritual way of life.

Each of us, in our own way in the world have a connection to something greater, a meaningful, purposeful existence.  Our cultural histories, families, peers, and society as a whole give us a sense of our unique belonging and our relationship to the meaning of life and death, and a sense of our place in the grand scheme of things.

Luckily we now have access to understanding in great detail world cultures through the gift of education, interest and a world wide web of interconnected knowledge. Now, with a willingness to listen and learn, people are provided the opportunity to release misconceptions.

With the tragic circumstances, we can come together in helping rebuild and comfort lives, while understanding cultural perspectives better.

An interview conducted by Anna Maria Tremonti sheds important light on Haiti and their cultural traditions of Voodoo (Vodou) and Christianity.

To gain some clarity and awareness into how Voodoo is an important part of Haitian’s lives, we invite you to listen to insights gained in the following discussion on Voodoo cultural beliefs.

Podcasts From CBC Radio.

03/02/10: – Haiti Voodoo

Anna Maria Tremonti of CBC takes a “look at the role that Voodoo, an age old system of beliefs, is playing in how Haitians cope with the aftermath and how they will rebuild their country.”

Discussion also includes the unification and divide between Christianity and Voodoo in Haiti.

Right click to Download 03/02/10: Pt 2 – Haiti Voodoo
[mp3 file: runs 24:23]

03/02/10: – Disabled in Haiti

Many of the people who survived the earthquake have been left disabled. David Gutnick visits a charity called Healing Hands of Haiti, a group that provides artificial limbs for disabled Haitians.

Right click to Download 03/02/10: Pt 1 – Disabled in Haiti
[mp3 file: runs 20:44]

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