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February 2010 Astrology Forecasts by Nadiya Shah

Astrological Highlights February 2010

Hello Fabulous Astro Readers!

By: Nadiya Shah © 2009-2010

Theme of the Month

There is a slow and unnecessary anxiety building about 2012. Yes, like any time in human history, there is potential to redefine us. This is nothing scary. There are also many moments to celebrate and experience true inspiration. This month offers such an opportunity. With Jupiter and Pluto having a harmonious conversation, we take steps to make truly positive and meaningful changes. It will be a great month, enjoy!

About Nadiya Shah

Nadiya Shah is a successful Sun Sign Columnist with a dedicated Internet fan-base and is one of the few people in the world to hold a Masters degree in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination (UKC). She is currently completing her first book. Her website is

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Aries Forecast February 2010

March 21- April 20

Hello Fabulous Aries! I received an interesting message from a fellow astrologer the other day. He was lamenting about the sad state of our business because too many people are only interested in the financial reward. I know this may be the case for some, as it is in any industry, but I know many, including myself, who feel blessed to be able to share something we love passionately and be provided for in the process. Your month holds many of these types of blessings for you.

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Taurus Forecast February 2010

April 21-May 20

Hello Fabulous Taurus! There are times when we ask ourselves “what is it all worth?” Luckily, you will quickly find the answer to this question. Many moments this month feel blessed with a sense of purpose. You are feeling a mental connection with something greater than yourself, and this allows you to take leaps towards your highest aims. Keep the cultivation of your wisdom first, and you will find external events support not only your personal growth, but also real success.

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Gemini Forecast February 2010

May 21-June 20

Hello Fabulous Gemini! Too often, we spend so much time at a day job at the risk of over looking what we are creating in the process. Of course, survival matters, as does being productive and meeting your responsibilities. However, you have another responsibility, which is to build a legacy. This month drives this appreciation home, as you take steps in the direction of understanding what kind of legacy you are creating. You are moved to ensure its fruition.

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Cancer Forecast February 2010

June 21-July 20

Hello Fabulous Cancer! People want to help you expand your horizons. There is a real opportunity to step into new territory. Despite your reputation for loving the familiar, there is something positively invigorating about what is on offer this month. Someone you trust encourages you to see your world as bigger and brighter than ever before. That opens up some inspiring possibilities.

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Leo Forecast February 2010

July 21-August 21

Hello Fabulous Leo! There is you and then there is your closest relationship. You are feeling antsy. You want to make a move but finding it hard to summon all the strength you think is required. Your confidence is asking for a deeper consideration. It is as if you are being asked to think about what your confidence is grounded in to ensure that it is solid. Your closest relationship can point the way. It will require sharing deeply and honestly with another the hard things to admit.

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Virgo Forecast February 2010

August 22 to September 22

Hello Fabulous Virgo! After all the relationship drama you have experienced in recent years, after all the surprises that you wish were not, after all the facing of hard truths and uncomfortable realities, here comes the first of many truly lovely moments that will be around all year. This month offers bonding and real partnership, the kind that you have earned through your previous trails. Sweetness like this is to be cherished.

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Libra Forecast February 2010

September 23- October 22

Hello Fabulous Libra! You are going to feel exponentially better this month. No matter where you are right now in your habits and in your health, no matter how it feels to be in your body as the month begins, this month you will have a few moments of very good news and even more of feeling truly healthy and positive. There is inspiration to be had in taking the best of care of you. It will awaken your love for yourself.

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Scorpio Forecast February 2010

October 23- November 22

Hello Fabulous Scorpio! I usually advise believing in the impossible, but then, back it up with a practical plan that you follow. This is the surest way to make luck come about for most of us. You however are in a special circumstance at the moment. It is less about your diligence and more about trusting your instincts in quick moments that brings the greatest rewards. It is a month to place a bet, take a chance, and win the jackpot.

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Sagittarius Forecast February 2010

November 23- December 20

Hello Fabulous Sagittarius! “How deep is your love?” so goes the famous song. The roots to your love lie very deep this month. There is something comfortable about being near home base, but there is also optimism to be cultivated there. Whatever you desire to do, consider your roots. Find ways to bridge the familiar with the expansive. This can be as simple as creating an at home workout to experiencing interactions at home that make you aware of new possibilities.

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Capricorn Forecast February 2010

December 21- January 19

Hello Fabulous Capricorn! Sometimes growth is hard. It can be painful to have to stripe layers and uncover the truth, only to find that what we held onto for so long is no longer good for us. Then there are months like this, where the growth is less wrenching and instead, easy and enthusiastic. The steps towards your new life are revealing themselves to you. It is a pleasure to follow through.

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Aquarius Forecast February 2010

January. 20- February 18

Hello Fabulous Aquarius! Our self-perceived value can determine so many things, including the value we demand for our talents and abilities. You have slowly but surely been making your way, raising your standards, and declaring a higher value on what you have to give. This month shows you that all the work you have done was not in vain. Your talents are well rewarded in many ways. Trust what feels truly joyful and you will find strategies to make it profitable.

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Pisces Forecast February 2010

February 20- March 20

Hello Fabulous Pisces! To see our life make real gains is not always about seeing outward events transpire in our favor. It is about seeing a vision of success and then making the necessary changes within ourselves so that the conditions we desire are more likely to manifest. You are now being encouraged to aim higher than ever. You will find it in you to make it happen.

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