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The news is giving us just a glimpse of the devastation of what’s going on in Haiti, but it’s as close to reality we can get when living so far away.

Then we hear all the commentaries on tv, on youtube and elsewhere about the why’s, the how’s and all the theories it starts to paint of picture of what’s going on, but it can also start to paint a very jaded picture of reality.   We see people with opinions like Pat Robertson broadcasted on tv, making spirituality look like a bad political joke, like a bunch of horrible dogma completely gone wrong, and for all the wrong reasons. Comments like Pat Robertson’ shows the negative side of religion, that which is divisive. If Pat Robertson believes in a mythological Devil as being real, then he’s playing right into the archetypal role of that fabled darkness – that which is divisive.

When we get caught up in the storm of emotions such ignorance as Pat’s brings to the surface, we fall victim to his bait. Our thoughts get pointed in the wrong direction.  Anger and resentment towards Pat, takes away what the real focus should be, and brings our consciousness down to that low level.

What matters now, is what’s happening.  It’s real and it’s devastating.  People are suffering at levels unimaginable and no religion has any dominion over what the reality of it is.  If many people in Haiti have a cultural belief in Voodoo or Hoodoo, it is their right.  To disregard the cultural, ancestral lineage of personal beliefs of a people is beyond ignorant and disrespectful.  What matters is we’re all in this together, this journey of living life with all it’s joyous highs and devastating lows.  This is what all religions are meant to be at there very core – uniting, loving, caring, and connecting to the Divine in whichever unique way that may be. Religions are like history and myth all rolled into one, teaching us that life can be hard and life can be pleasant.  In this world we get the broad spectrum of experiences made available to us, and we do our best to experience the journey.

Mythology is meant to be empowering, it’s meant to teach us archetypes that are common to all of us.  Archetypes that unite us all on a very deep level.  Myth teaches us about who we are, how we think, how we live and what life has been like since we’ve walked the earth. When myth is twisted to become a tool of literal divisiveness, we know it’s really not about the myth, it’s about people wanting to be right, to be self righteous and that’s all ego, and no spirit.

Whether one’s thoughts and prayers turn to the Catholic Virgin Mary, the Voodoo Goddess Erzulie, the Buddhist Goddess Kwan Yin or any other, it is all part of raising oneself to a place of hope, love and compassion in a positive way. Times like this, what we need is to be positive.  Without hope, without love and compassion who do we become and how can we continue?

In myth we see Shiva as the destroyer, Poseidon as ruling over earthquakes, and so many more to explain the forces of nature that rule this world. All are part of our cultural diversity showing us the connections between humanity and nature, our spirits, our experiences and roles through it all.

This is not a time of divisiveness.  It’s a time to unite.  It’s a time to raise our thoughts to a level of compassionate caring.   Some can do it on a physical level by volunteering.  Some can do it through donations.  Some can do it through prayer.  This is what humanity is about.  Being there for one another. Helping each other through the turmoil. We are all part of the family of humanity.

When we see suffering in the world, it is a call for compassionate love and nothing less.

Please take a few moments to visit these sites ready to help Haiti

Please add to this list of organizations to help Haiti by posting a comment below.

In Metta, loving kindness.


2 thoughts on “Haiti

  1. This upsets me to no end. One of my greatest fears is to be crushed and trapped. I can’t imagine what suffering the people are going through. Imagine not knowing if a loved one is trapped, dead, suffering, buried. It’s too much for anyone to endure. They are still finding some people alive which is miraculous.

    People like Pat Robertson need to start focusing on love and compassion and get off their self-righteous high horses making comments that flaunt their ego based religious views.


    1. This could also be a product of the US government’s secret earthquake machine HAARP. Look it up and do some research on it. There were political motives, just as there were in us occupying Irag when they had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.


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