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Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans the remake, updated version is sure to please film-goer’s love of action and interest in Greek Mythology, Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and War.

The plot: The mortal son of the god Zeus embarks on a perilous journey to stop the underworld and its minions from spreading their evil to Earth as well as the heavens.*IMDB

The original Film version made in 1981 (image) written by Beverly Cross and Directed by Desmond Davis is about Perseus’ quest to save Princess Andromeda battling the Kraken monster.  Perseus also encounters Medusa, the vain female turned monster with hair of snakes, who turns all who look upon her to stone.  Mythology lovers will enjoy the film adaptation from 1981 including gods and goddess Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Athena, Hephasteus and more.

The soon to be released version doesn’t appear it will be merely a remake of the 1981 version, but will include a few new versions  to the myth.  Characters included Perseus, Hades, Zeus, Poseidon, Andromeda, Athena, Apollo and more.

Titans were a race of elder gods who ruled during the Golden Age, overthrown by the younger gods, Olympians, in Greek Mythology.

Family Tree of Greek Mythology

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1981 Version


The full movie has been deleted from YouTube.  The following scene is from the 1981 version.  Perseus encounters Medusa.   If you have the opportunity to see the original, it’s worth seeing.

Part 2 – Wrath of the Titans.


6 thoughts on “Clash of the Titans

  1. I really like the original. I just hope Medusa gets to speak in the new one 🙂 There’s something so cool about older films, I’m just not sure how the new one will compare. Visually, it will surely be stunning, but if they have those cheesy Hollywood comic relief lines, I’ll be very disappointed. It’s all about the writing, and it seems writing takes a back seat to the visuals these days.


  2. I agreed Celtaur and friends, I love the medusa, I guess the modern movie is better then, in making a modern medusa, any way sometimes the old movies are better, maybe they put more energy on the movie, and was not thinking much about money. Lets just hope this new movie is better than the old one. Well let’s hope for a very good one then!!


    PS. see you in the forum.


  3. I finally saw the new version. I liked it. I’ve heard not so great reviews about it, but I liked it.

    I really liked the introduction of Hades into this version. The idea’s of the relationship between the gods and humans was cool to see here… that gods require humans prayers to maintain their immortality.

    Humans have forgotten the gods and are choosing to live for themselves. This brings in the symbolism of God (Zeus) and the Devil (Hades), where Hades plays the role of bringing fear into the lives of humans so they will pray to Zeus and the gods.

    What I really liked and definitely appreciated was that there was no cheesy comic relief lines we often see in Hollywood movies. I hate that! This movie didn’t have any of that, which was great.

    The Kraken, Medusa, the witches, were all nice to see. Enjoyable. Entertaining. Lots of action.


  4. I was very anxious to see The Clash of Titans remake. I love mythology, and I really loved the original, and I was very excited to see what they could do with it using modern special effects.

    The movie was well casted, and the special effects were great. I was especially impressed with the scene with Medusa. In the 1981 version , Medusa is very claymation looking and it’s a very slow moving scene. The remake included more action in the scene, more deteail with her lair, though I don’t understand why in the newer version (as well as Percy Jackson) Medusa is really hot , just with snakes on her head and a serpent tail. She is supposed to be so repulsive , the sight of her causes death. That is extreme UGLY.

    Also, It wasn’t quite true to the Greek myth. Perseus had agreed to go on the mission as long as he would marry Andromeda if he saved her. He was guided by Athena and Hermes on the quest, (the owl) the symbol of Athena’s wisdom which was present in the first movie, was not in the second, and moreover he was guided by Io , the daughter of the first King of Argos and one of Zeus’ consorts who runs off with him in the end ( what happened to perseus and andromeda being married and having their son perses).
    Movies should really NOT have alternate andings. The alternate ending wasn’t right either and it was pointless and worse then the theatrical ending. Movies do not have to be like a choose your own adventure book where you can decide how you want it to end. Especially if it is a very, very old story that has already been told. Make a completely new story and try it once. It should end as the writer or storyteller originally ends it. PERIOD
    I’m not one to give up storyline and charcter for flashy special effects.
    It wasn’t terrible but it was very disappointing to how I imagined it.
    Also, why in ancient greece did they speak english- and with british accents. This is another thing Hollywood is famous for that takes away authenticity from the story as well.

    I agree with the previous entry about having no one-liners- they ruin action movies


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