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2010 Astrology Forecasts by Nadiya Shah

Astrological Highlights 2010

Hello Fabulous Astro Readers!

Personal Message from Nadiya

A full Moon eclipse in Cancer aligns beautifully to Uranus on New Years Eve.

Any resolutions will present themselves quickly, as well as the clarity to see them through. The most effective resolutions will be those made with the intention of putting something in the past and going forward with greater freedom and lightness.

My hope for all my readers is a New Year that allows you to feel that you are entering it more “you” than you ever have been. I do believe that much of life is about releasing our conditioning of the past and deciding for ourselves who it is that we are meant to be. I also believe that we all have something very special within us that we are meant live.

May the New Year bring you closer to your own truth and a commitment to living it.

It’ll be a great Year.



By: Nadiya Shah © 2010

About Nadiya Shah

Nadiya Shah is a successful Sun Sign Columnist with a dedicated Internet fan-base and is one of the few people in the world to hold a Masters degree in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination (UKC). She is currently completing her first book. Her website is

Nadiya Shah also offers an Online Astrology Course at The Esoteric Arcanum

Online Course – Astrology – Interpretation & Divination by Nadiya Shah

Aries Forecast 2010

Hello Fabulous Aries! This year promises more faith than you have known before. Your life is blessed with a magical quality that feels as if the Universe is on your side. Partnerships call to you, as you are determined to find commonality with others. Let your connection to all things inspire you, and you will find a new direction open up.

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Taurus Forecast

Hello Fabulous Taurus! It is a year for seeing a major wish come true. Aim high and you will be inspired by what you reap. Friendships move you to higher places and encourage you to see yourself in more empowering ways. Working in groups is a ticket to many great moments. It is a year to learn about taking the best of care of your health.

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Gemini Forecast

Hello Fabulous Gemini! This year promises career breakthroughs that can put you on the path to what feels like destiny. Decide on goals that truly inspire you, and in some surprising moments, you will see yourself move towards them in sudden bursts. Opportunities are plentiful. It is up to you which ones to seize.

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Cancer Forecast

Hello Fabulous Cancer! Last year ended with a major revelation. This is less about what is about to begin and more about what has ended. That freedom from the past will carry you forward through some wonderful experiences and significant new chapters. You are about to share of yourself in new and bigger ways. Choose your adventure and watch your profile rise.

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Leo Forecast

Hello Fabulous Leo! You are about to learn just how supported you are. The Universe is providing for you in many ways, including financially. There are people who desire to know you deeply. This will likely bring up fears that you must release. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to others and you will gain mutual respect in the process.

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Virgo Forecast

Hello Fabulous Virgo! You are already feeling the tide shift in your favor. Trust what you feel, as the Universe seems like a kinder, gentler place. Any events reminiscent of the past 2 years are only a gentle reminder of how far you have come. Partnerships and love hold true inspiration for you this year. An excellent time to heal and start fresh with someone you care for or someone brand new.

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Libra Forecast

Hello Fabulous Libra! You health goes through a series of positive changes. You are ready to reclaim your right to feel well in your own skin, and this is reflected through changes in lifestyle. Let go of any habits you know contradict the person you believe yourself to be. You start to live differently this year and walk your talk towards a more optimistic new you.

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Scorpio Forecast

Hello Fabulous Scorpio! This is a year to trust yourself and your instincts completely. They will guide you to more than one success. Take chances and take a gamble to move your life in a more positive direction. The bets you place will pay off in surprising ways. The only thing that stands in the way is your own fear. Face them boldly and your faith in a loving Universe increases.

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Sagittarius Forecast

Hello Fabulous Sagittarius! Your home is your sanctuary this year. Do all you can to make it a place of power. Wonderful changes to your residence are possible. Trust your desire to spend time on your own. It is in quiet moments of self-honesty that a new you comes forth. People from your childhood find themselves to you in several very positive moments.

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Capricorn Forecast

Hello Fabulous Capricorn! This year presents a major mind expansion as well as the possibility of a major contract that can have your dreams coming true before your eyes. Changes to your identity and career come disguised as challenges. It is all designed to get you free from the past on the road to a more fulfilling destiny.

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Aquarius Forecast

Hello Fabulous Aquarius! Prosperity finds you and new ways to make money is just the start. You are aligning yourself increasingly with your calling and your self-esteem skyrockets as a result. You are motivated to share all you are and are only challenged by an inner insecurity of being seen. You are worthy of sharing all you are.

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Pisces Forecast 2010

Hello Fabulous Pisces! This really is your year. You are favored and can feel it. This is about planting some powerful seeds based on who you are now. There are new aspirations unfolding before you. You have an abundance of faith. Your life is truly guided by a higher hand. Listen for clues and do your part by taking action.

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