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Avatar Review

Here is a glimpse of the movie Avatar directed by James Cameron.

Warning:  This preview may be a spoiler.

This film is exceptional in both visual 3D imagery and it’s depiction of the power of spirituality and connection to the earth.  James Cameron has created a masterpiece that pulls at the heart strings and delivers a storyline that gives the viewer and emotional connection to the characters.  The nuances of the characters transformations and the powerful interconnection of the indigenous people is a pleasure to watch.  Brilliant visual effects do not drown out this film, but enhance it to mystical proportions. The 3D effects brought you deep into the realm of the films atmosphere, giving you a sense of being a part of the characters experiences. The brilliant colors brought forth aspects that resonated with the emotions.

Avatar is an absolute must see movie  everyone should see in the theater to get the full scope of visuals.  It is a film that will keep you talking in the car on the ride home about the characters, both antagonist and protagonist. It is a fantastic adventure film that gives the viewer a sense of being a part of the experience.  The characters are believable and well acted.  Even with computer generated characters, a sense of caring is strongly brought forth throughout the film for each one.

This movie is highly recommended.  Those who have an understanding of spirituality, indigenous cultures and earth based reverence will feel a strong bond to the story.

Avatar is much more than an adventure fantasy with exceptional visual effects, it is a film about spirituality and meaning.

Without giving too much of this film away, go out and see it.  The 3 hours flies by. The trailer doesn’t do this film justice.

This is a film that can be watched many times over. Exceptional.


11 thoughts on “Avatar Review

  1. In the past couple of months, I’ve started feeling very disappointed in movies that are going to the theaters. The last movie I saw, 2012, was short of impressive. It lacked any spiritual connotation I was hoping for, which was just one thing wrong with that movie. I decided to hang up the towel on movie theater blockbusters, safe for 1 last shot. This one desperate hope of mine that the movie chosen would live up to my expectations of a blockbuster movie.

    The movie I chose, was obviously Avatar. I said to myself, I will not go back to spend money in a movie theater, should Avatar come short of my expectations. I saw the trailer, and I have to admit it had me intrigued, but I had no idea what I was really in for.

    Of course, as all the current movies, it was in 3D. My friends, I was, and still am at this moment, awe-struck!! I have just seen this movie, and I wanted to stay and pay again to see it again!!!

    There are many aspects in this movie I enjoyed. First, the acting was well rendered. Second, the visual effects were outstanding, but the 3D added a spark that makes you feel extremely emotional and connected to the environment you are watching. And 3rd, the script was well thought and original. It was a simple story, but it was so well delivered that you don’t feel you need any added “Hollywood” lines to make you laugh or yawn in some instances. I truly felt like I was one of the Na’vi, living and breathing nature and felt a total connection to each and every character, including the villains. The amount of colors and graphic creativity just blew my mind! I wanted to see more, to feel more and smell more. That’s right, smell. You feel so much into the movie that you forget you are watching a movie at all.
    There is also within the storyline, a spiritual aspect that most if not all people will understand. I don’t want to get give out too much of the story, but this movie ranks #1 on my top 10 list from now on! I highly recommend this movie to everyone, as this is a dawning of ideas. Ideas that we should listen to and connect to way more often!

    I really think there is a huge possibility I will go see this movie again before it’s gone from the theaters, the 3D in this movie works. So well that you really think you are in the movie, experiencing every detail, every sight and every thought.

    Go see it, you will not be disappointed.


  2. Beside the groundbreaking visual effects, Avatar conveys well the message of living in Oneness with nature. I can’t help but think it is the chief intention of the writer of Avatar (and similar movies like The Matrix) to communicate the message of spirituality; though most people won’t be able to see through it. My brother thought it’s about imperialism and environmentalism. He thought the hair-connection-to-the-whole thing was interesting.


  3. What works so well in this film is the relationship of the characters and their development. Like Titanic, you care about the characters. James Cameron knows what he’s doing in telling a story that involves relationships. When someone dies, you feel emotion, whereas in many movies you could care less who dies when, you become numb. This movie strips away the numbness and brings us back to feeling real, ironically considering it’s a lot of cgi. That in itself is an amazing feat. To care for digital characters!

    The visuals are light years beyond anything I’ve seen in any other film, beautiful, majestic. While watching it I thought of a future/past, an Atlantis type of mythological reality.

    The villain made you want revenge, bad. Sure, the movie touches on common themes today, but the way it was done was so beautiful, it gives hope that it will resonate with many. The Na’vi were amazing. I loved seeing their spirituality on the silver screen, I wouldn’t be surprised if James Cameron read a lot about indigenous cultures or visited tribes to understand their ways to get a good understanding of their way of life. In a few online reviews I’ve seen the term “New Age” being used in a mocking, negative tone. But it’s obvious people with that type of negative attitude are clueless when it comes to spiritual realization and unity. I think a lot of people are so caught up in their own western cultural views, they don’t realize there are perceptions of reality far removed from their own that are valid and meaningful. In fact, I’m sure there are. I’ve come across a majority of people who are numb to authentic spirituality and anything beyond their narrow scopes of dogma.

    I loved it. I will probably go see it again to enjoy the beautiful 3D effects. It’s well worth the $13.50!


  4. I agree, this movie was awesome. A lot of people didn’t appreciate the plot or story as much as I did. But I actually enjoyed the story very much. More than most of the other movies out there. The story was a little slow and the theme was not something most people can appreciate(alien race, planet, humans are the bad guys, sincerity, respect, etc) but the reason it was so slow was to show off the 3D effects, and it did so very well. The surreal environment allowed for a full showcase of what this technology is capable of. What I thought was interesting was that their deity was YEH HEH WA.


  5. As any good professional involved in 3D business I was awaiting Avatar for a long time. And I wasn’t disappointed: Avatar was breathing with new ideas, (I should say under-represented ones).

    Doesn’t it seem very logical that a new technology comes with new ideas ?
    As I understand it, the Zen philosophy promoted by the plot is in perfect harmony with the incentive which led Cameron to shooting in stereo.

    – The blue guys represent a link to nature which modern humans seem to have lost. In the movie, when they can “see” each other it means the informative value of their purely perceptive empathy seems more informative to them than whatever we may conclude after pondering various hypothesis based on the educated analysis of several psychoanalytical theories…etc, etc…..while they just “see” it.

    – Comparatively, Stereo (“3D”) is the natural way of seeing. With full HD, (and soon mega HD, UltraHD, dinoHD), stereoscopic vision will enable the storage and consultations of data in a form which is even more superior to nowadays internet media conductivity than the web has been to printed media. Applied in education, it will make us seem like brutish apes to the lucky new generations.

    Go see Avatar, it’s an eyes widener !


    1. On “seeing” each other, I agree. It’s like those moments when time stops, like a moment of satori, of self realization, of awakening when the truth unveils itself and you realize your existence and connection to another beings existence. It is profoundly powerful when the truth is present. It’s a real moment of pausing experience and being in that place of silent awareness.


  6. Hi there,
    I wish to see it again because it was awesome movie….
    As visionary tour guide, Cameron has no equal. Predictable story, clichéd dialogue and logical lapses aside, he’s still the man we want leading us into his Pandora’s box.


  7. Oh dear, am I the party pooper? Just going on the trailer above, there doesn’t seem to be much new there, looks like so many previous movies with the depiction of Americans going in guns blazing bent on take, take, take and let’s dominate in the process. Of course there’s always the underdog to add some ‘balance’. It’s a timeless theme.

    So all this aside, does the movie stand solely on its 3D effects or does it actually have something different to convey? despite the trailer which did not pique my interest one iota. I suppose the only way to answer that is to view it but at the moment I feel like I would be wasting my time.



    You will begin to notice that the majority of James Cameron’s films are Anti-American, and anti-human in nature, in which the alien or robotic creatures in his films are made out to be “heroes” by killing the “bad humans” that are trying to fight against them, which fits with the Illuminati dogma that “Humans” are a disease that is threatening all the trees and bio-life systems on earth, therefore, according to the Illuminati, humans are to be eliminated by culling over half of this world’s population to prepare for the Illuminati’s version of the “NEW AGE HUMAN” which they intend to genetically modify, as a replacement for “US”-as in HUMANS…unbelievable, but true.


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