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Inspired Revelations in Art

By Chaldean Shaper

Art is a path to mastery. It is a discipline whereby one trains his intuition and proves his mastery over form. To make art requires a sort of psychic strength. When one has once experienced inspiration, one will thereafter be reliant on it, seeking it as the means to create a meaningful and overwhelming experiences, or works. What one may accomplish while inspired may seem un-accomplishable in a normal state of mind. Art will then require a sort of invocation and the materials will then be veiling forces. To accomplish a great work of art is fulfilling in the way that accomplishing magical results is fulfilling and vice versa.

The hallmark of a great artist is that he triggers anomalies within his work. The connections within the work are strangely meaningful. It is not the colors that make a painting great, but what those colors are veiling, the brush stroke and what drives it. Art comes from man; man comes from the world- What is the world saying through the artist? What is society saying through the artist? What is the individual saying to society and the world?

One can plan a work of art, but one best prepare himself for the ideas that may come to him while in the process of making. The mind is in a hyperactive mode of working when engaged in art, a mode one must learn to handle, like augury. The substances and symbols one manipulates in doing art are correlatives, correlative to ideas, feelings, themes and moods. When you play with media, you arouse every manner of association. Whatever you’ve been contemplating can be resolved when you crystalize it in your work. Thoughts will converge and diverge meaningfully, guiding you on your path. Art always correlates to something. If one creates a work of art that doesn’t immediately appear to correspond to something, it is an especially occult exploration.

No art escapes the triad of art, music and literature. These are as the three primary colors are to the painter. To master one of the three is to have a hold on a fundamental force which is analogous to the other two. One can learn about one through the other two, and aptitude in one is aptitude in all three. When one surpasses the others, the others swiftly catch up, just by translating the breakthrough into its own language. I’m still talking about Art, Music and Literature.

Art is a means to any ends, like magic. Visual art serves more purposes than we can define. Thus the definition of it remains illusive. Art always transcends the material, as if the art itself were invisible, the geometric relationship between the constituents- or the psychic energy, or the idea of the shape of it.

Inspiration is all that is required for revelation. We may do art for insight into causality. Study the way the material reacts. Some art is anomalous in ways that the eye is not trained to see.

Some Artwork by Chaldean Shaper

You can see more of Chaldean Shapers artwork and connect with him on the Symbolic Living Forum and MySpace.


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