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Let’s get unconscious

A lot of controversy has surrounded her interests in esoteric symbolism and usage in her art for years.  Taboo topics in sex and religion has been magnetic in maintaining her popularity through pushing the envelope.  Pursuing and developing her personal spiritual interests in the public eye for decades reveals a side to Madonna beyond the material glamour. From Christianity, Yoga, Kabbalah, Masonic symbolism, mystic spirituality is a cornerstone of Madonna’s personal path and her art. She has inevitably been attacked with strong opposition for multiple reasons, but fans of her art hold strong to her image whether it be for the enjoyment of pop music, her ever changing persona, or for her spiritual perspectives.  As she progresses on her personal quest for truth, her art provides clues as she climbs the tree of life.

The Sufi spiritual practice of the whirling dervish accompanies the beauty of mystic symbolism in this video of dreams, Bedtime Story.

embedding disabled now, watch on youtube by clicking.

“Kabbalah helped me understand that there is a bigger picture and that being well-intentioned is great, but if you don’t live your life according to the laws of the universe, you bring chaos into your life.”

“I’m a speck, an atom,” she says. “Everything physical is an illusion, but it’s there to guide us or test us or deter us. Our job is to navigate through this world while understanding the only thing that matters is the state of our soul, and that’s very hard because I’m in the entertainment business, which is completely based on illusion and physical things. Any success I have is a manifestation of God. It’s my ego that wants to claim ownership. It’s hubris, arrogance and greed.”— Madonna


3 thoughts on “Let’s get unconscious

  1. I love this article. I am such a fan of Madonna and find her lyrics filled with philosophical affirmations. Great for a workout when inducing sacred sweat or for meditation. Perhaps some would say I am taking her more seriously than she is asking, but in her honesty with her art she has brought so many blessings into my life.

    I also identify with the changing persona, as I change my hairstyle at least once a year! lol

    Again, Great article! Thank you!



  2. Incredible video!

    Wonder how many actually comprehend the fullness of her message – are they just bizarre images to most of her public “Oh, there’s Madonna at it again”? At least she is getting the symbols and significances out there, in a way that would be impossible for the rest of us!

    I would love to know how much she has affected the consciousness of her general audience, simply through exposing them to this type of imagery.

    And Nadiya… only ONCE a year? I don’t believe you… lol


  3. Finally, I found the answers I was looking for!!! I knew that there is a strong message but i wanted to ‘hear’ it from Madonna!!! I always knew that there is way more spiritual and philosophical than physical in her than what most people think and that is why I respect her more than any other performer of the last 25 years!!!!


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