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November Astrology Forecasts by Nadiya Shah

Astrological Highlights November 2009

Hello Fabulous Astro Readers!

Personal Message from Nadiya

Choosing your perceptions and interpretations

“Cosmology” means world-view. We all have a worldview.

“Divination” means to divine oneself. All of us also have our own way of moving closer to the divine or to a higher power, even if we are not conscious of the process.

My belief is that we are all on a spiritual journey. All of us are here to understand our worldview, and in the process discover what is true for us. What is true for a person is deeply personal. We are also, always, moving closer to what is divine for us. For some, this means that we make divine what may seem superficial to some. For others, we risk being called ungrounded or impractical. It is the price we pay for living true to our selves.

We all have a higher power that we honor with every thought we choose and the intention to our each breath.

My worldview states that the Universe is very kind and very loving. This worldview influences the way that I interpret the stars. I see their movements as meaningful, purposeful, and very loving. I see them for the opportunity they provide to restore us to our rightful place as a part of a larger plan that I, as an astrologer, can only glimpse.

It is a grand mystery. I am willing to be open to it.

This worldview was consciously chosen on my part and did not come easy. It has been hard earned. I have tried to live another way and it did not work for me. It left me feeling isolated and miserable, and that state of spirit is of no use to anyone.

The way that I divine myself is to stay true to this perspective. I choose to share interpretations that are empowering and positive. I choose to use my understanding of the planets to fill others and myself with hope.

The world can always use more hope.

As Saturn has just now moved into Libra, the sky indicates a new time, with new collective and personal lessons. Saturn is in the sign of agreements and Pluto in the sign of social structures. Some astrologers are talking about the challenges ahead, as Saturn will be in a difficult conversation with Pluto. The feelings this month may be intense, and there may be tension, but there is also a lot of beauty indicated in the sky as well.

I have learned that without some tension, there can be no growth. Without the challenges, there are no opportunities to rise above them and redefine our potential.

We, individually and collectively, are strong. We are ready to be inspired. There is no shortage of inspiration on offer this month.

It is all part of a very loving Universe, encouraging us to become greater than we have known ourselves to be.

I wish all my readers an amazing month of choosing their own perspective and interpretations. My hope is that you choose with love and hope in your heart.

By: Nadiya Shah © 2009

About Nadiya Shah

Nadiya Shah is a successful Sun Sign Columnist with a dedicated Internet fan-base and is one of the few people in the world to hold a Masters degree in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination (UKC). She is currently completing her first book. Her website is

Nadiya also offers the following course at Symbolic Living

Online Course – Astrology – Interpretation & Divination by Nadiya Shah

Aries Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Aries! Part of being in a partnership is the sweet surrender and mystery of knowing another person. There are some things you just cannot control, especially when you care for someone very deeply. Ultimately, you care because it helps you feel alive and know who you are more deeply. As free as you have been, a strong desire comes partner up, and the prospect seems to be reciprocating.

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Taurus Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Taurus! Taking care of yourself, your health, and doing those little things each day to show that you value your body is not a superficial pursuit, but rather, is a tremendous statement of self-love. You are at the start of 2 powerful years where you slowly refine what you need and get new insights into taking the best care of you.

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Gemini Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Gemini! It is one thing to believe in yourself, it is another thing to have reasons for knowing you are an awesome person. Confidence is very alluring, but it can also be a mask that hides our inner insecurity. This month leads to the determination to live an empowering self-concept based on practical reality, which makes it more valuable.

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Cancer Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Cancer! Taking time on your own is not always about isolating, but also about honoring your need to maintain a relationship with yourself. What is amazing this month is that you expand your horizons and share of yourself in new ways, but what you have to give is in direct proportion to how able you are to give yourself the space you need.

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Leo Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Leo! As the days go on, you feel progressively powerful. Any moneymaking issues will slowly be left in the dust as you feel your initiative return. Your newfound energy, confidence, and strong desire for change will lead to more than one opportunity for prosperity.

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Virgo Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Virgo! You lighten up considerably this month, but a part of you is still waiting for some shoe to drop, as you can not believe you could feel this different. Several experiences this month will make the last 2 years, and all the drama, finally make some sense. You find the wisdom of your past difficulties, and start benefiting from what you learned about yourself.

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Libra Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Libra! Are you ready to jump into the great unknown of adulthood? Are you ready to redefine yourself as mature and settled? While Libras are strong in the area of ethics, it is about constantly living true to your inner compass that defines what it means to take ownership. The great lesson now and over the next 2 years is that you are the only one who is responsible for your own happiness.

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Scorpio Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Scorpio! The law of attraction was most likely a theory first articulated by a Scorpio, as you have a way of understanding how your expectations create much of what you live. Expect great things, but know that sometimes there is a greater plan that you cannot even begin to fathom. This month, a higher will makes itself known, and leads to some truly inspiring developments.

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Sagittarius Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Sagittarius! Most Sags are, by default, interested in living free and true to themselves as their greatest priority. While this quality is admirable, it is the desire to make your mark in the world and actually achieve that will slowly start to creep ever stronger as the days go by. This month brings a nice career victory. While the success feels great, it leaves you driven to accomplish even more and prove yourself in bigger ways.

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Capricorn Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Capricorn! Every Capricorn, at heart, wants to be respected. This month begins to make the slow and steady path clearer, as well as present the inspiration you need to make the climb much more meaningful. It is not only about garnering respect, but also about the self-respect you cultivate in the journey.

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Aquarius Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Aquarius! A huge breath of relief comes this month where it comes to finances, with at least one opportunity to score a major financial backer to one of your brilliant initiatives presents itself. Money is a symbol of how valuable you think you are, and you demonstrate an amazing amount of confidence.

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Pisces Forecast November 2009

Hello Fabulous Pisces! This month kicks off 2 plus years that will have you getting really honest about the role you play in creating your reality. The introspection that begins will allow you to let go of any dead weight, and that makes room for a life that feels like it is truly authentic and empowered in a way you may have never known before.

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2 thoughts on “November Astrology Forecasts by Nadiya Shah

  1. Thank you for speaking your truth. I loved your Personal message. Your horoscope has also reminded me to focus on my health more. Do some yoga, motivate myself to get up in the morning and hit the gym for an empowering workout, take those extra deep breaths, do some stretching and sit up straight when I’m on the computer!

    I tend to go all out when I work, and much of my work is on the computer. This leaves me in my head for hours on end. Taking that time to honor myself through stepping away from the computer for a moment to reconnect with my physical is ultra important.

    I look forward to being in your course here tomorrow. It’s already Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone. Happy Samhain.


  2. I have just reread your horoscope after doing some chakra work through yoga poses and I came to a very powerful realization. I do really need to pay attention to this, it’s powerful. I use my mind a lot, which can have me feeling drained physically. I will be taking your advice and looking forward to the growth in getting more grounded and connected to the physical. Looking forward to talking with you more in your class about Saturn in Libra. Namaste.


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