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Halloween and Death

Death Tarot Card 13

Samhain (summer’s end) is now here and the celtic new year is beginning.

This is the time of year when the veils between the material world and spiritual world are at their thinnest. Many are now thinking of their ancestors and loved ones who have passed away to the other side.

Today this reverence for the dead is a popular, fun festivity of celebrating death’s mysterious and haunting nature with ghosts, goblins, zombies, vampires, witches, werewolves, devils, cauldrons, fire and brimstone.

The end of life on earth is fated for everyone. The cycle of life takes us all for a ride on the wheel of our fates. In the tarot the death card represents a powerful transformation not surprisingly trumping the hanged man card. The Grim Reaper is shown riding a horse, reference to one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of Revelations. Death is so powerful no-one is immune at any age, class or other variation of status. Uniting everyone’s reality, death guides us to look at the choices of our lives while we can. In life we may have determination, goals for success on earth, but the death card trumps strength, suffering and ego. Death is symbolically associated with the number 13 in the tarot deck. However, the tarot does not end with death, there is hope, the transcendence of death and the hero’s journey continues on, seeking immortality through spirituality.

In Halloween fashion celebrating death we thought we’d share a few classic movie scenes, but there are so many, here’s just a few favorites.

In honor of the late Michael Jackson, we felt this video deserved the top spot for this Halloween.
is an Unbeatable Classic.

Carrie by Stephen King. Who can deny this as a classic climactic scene of memorable horror films.

Rosemary’s Baby (Spoiler if you haven’t seen this movie yet, don’t watch this scene!)

The Evil Dead. This movie went on to have a similar sequel with a comedic horror feel, Evil Dead 2. Both are suggested for Halloween Horror fun.

The Shining. You know we couldn’t go without having one of the best scenes from The Shining on our list with Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall.

Friday the 13th. This scene is one of the best of the film, but don’t stop there. The next two scenes are even better.

Halloween. Who can forget the catchy tune. If you haven’t seen Rob Zombie’s remake, it’s worth seeing.

Resident Evil Lazer Scene:

There are many more. Add to this list by suggesting a few of your favorites.

Happy Samhain Everyone.


2 thoughts on “Halloween and Death

  1. You are missing a good zombie in there! 🙂

    Maybe something from resident evil, or dawn of the dead maybe?

    Fun – Happy Samhain everyone!!


  2. I think the Exorcist for sure. I’m watching Crowley tonight which should be quite interesting, and Drag me to Hell. House of 1000 corpses is pretty gruesome by Rob Zombie, his remake of Halloween was really intense. Hocus Pocus is a comedy for a younger crowd, but still entertaining with Bette Middler.


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