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October Astrology Forecasts by Nadiya Shah

Astrological Highlights October 2009
By: Nadiya Shah © 2009

Hello Fabulous Astro Readers!

Personal Message for October 2009

The signs represent segments of the sky, which have been aligned with specific constellations. Your “Sun sign” is, simply stated, the constellation that the Sun was in at the time of your birth. While taking the procession of the equinoxes into account, this is still the general way that we understand the signs.

There is a whole sky of planets, asteroids, fixed stars, and celestial symbols that astrologers draw on in writing horoscopes or in considering your personal birth chart. The planets and asteroids travel around the Sun and visits in different constellations. Just like the nature of the Sun changes depending on the constellation he is in, so are other celestial bodies colored by the signs they are in. All the planets and celestial bodies are a part of us all, though they may be colored differently.

Since July of 2007, Saturn has been in the sign of Virgo. Saturn can mean many things, but mostly, Saturn means having to be grown up. Whatever sign Saturn moves to represents a different area of life for all signs, and when Saturn moves in, we are asked to do what is responsible, required, and well measured. As hard as these words can sound, he has also been described as inspiration. That is because when we do not meet the challenge and behave absolutely ethically, he can have a depressive effect. However, when we do meet our responsibility, we are granted many gifts including self-respect and a faith that is real.

What I have also found with Saturn is that, whatever part of the sky he visits may feel difficult, but we also feel called to do the work. Perhaps it is the feeling that there are lessons there to be learned, or maybe it is an insecurity that drives us. In some way, we feel that this is an area of life that requires our cultivation if we are going to feel right with ourselves. In accordance with our willingness, we are also provided for.

At the end of this month Saturn moves on into the sign of Libra, and will only revisit Virgo again from April to July of 2010, and then will not revisit until 2036.

We are in the final month of a series of lessons for all of us. In some area of life, all of us are a lot more grown up than we were a couple of years ago. This month brings the final culmination with some truths hitting home. However, it is not nearly as hard as it sounds. Actually, the inspiration far outweighs any other possibilities.

I wish all my Fabulous Readers a great final party with Saturn in Virgo, wherever he may be touching your life, for now.

It’ll be a great month.



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Aries Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Aries! There have been things you have wanted to have happen. Things having to do with your dreams and hopes for your life. They have kind of taken the back burner position these last couple of months as you were getting yourself together and building a more secure foundation. It is also your habits and the way you life your everyday life that have gotten a lot of your attention and need for authenticity.

It is a month of both big picture vision and home realities. They are both part of a all encompassing picture of your life that is meant to make you feel safe and secure enough to get really clear as to what you really, truly want. Once you have that clarity, which is sure to come this month, you allow room within yourself to start making it happen.

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Taurus Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Taurus! This is a big career month for you.

Dream big and aim high, Fabulous Taurus.

I see you making at least one very sweet power move that brings you closer to what you believe your destiny is. Some victory, some gain will be realized, and it will make you dance a jig of joy.

This month will definitely bring some forward momentum, which will be wonderful, but it is all part of a larger dance, gearing you up for a fantastic December when big, inspired rewards come.

Enjoy the developments that come this month, and do not forget to dance when the spirit moves you.

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Gemini Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Gemini! You are engaged in a very special cycle this year that is about becoming wiser.

The thing is, a part of becoming wiser means that sometimes we need to confront our own prejudices and their sources, so that they can be removed as barriers to our wisdom. These last few months would have brought these types of barriers having to do with self-importance up for you awareness.

What is wonderful is that now you are entering a phase, in the second part of this month, that might bring a moment of humility, followed by the realization that there are many truths, and your way is just what it needs to be for you, at this point in your personal evolution.

Let go of any part of you that thinks it needs to be right. It is only a defense. Embrace the part of you that is wise enough to know that there is only your personal journey, and living the truth that is right for you, right now.

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Cancer Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Cancer! This is a huge month of change for you. The first half of the month has you taking action in support of the direction you would like to go. Never underestimate the power you hold right now to move yourself in a direction that feels more authentic. We all, always, have that power. It is just that there is urgency right now making the desire and willingness to take action more acute.

The second half of the month is about the change that comes through realization. It is about getting more willingness to change yourself deeply and to the core, letting go of any beliefs that get in the way of living absolutely true to a very loving vision of yourself and a more authentic vision of your life.

Change can happen and it will happen. Make conscious choices and the changes that come about will please you tremendously.

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Leo Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Leo! There are a lot of things happening in the sky for all of us. Major cycles of shifts and change that are affecting our society, and also each of us individually. While these things will continue, and I will be here to talk about them, there is something very special taking place for you.

It begins this month and will last until June 2010. This is rare and very special. Every 2 years or so everyone gets there turn at the energy that is about to come around. What is unique for you is that the length of energy. Only once every 24 years do you get a visit this focused on you for this long.

This is a return to your power in an undeniable way. At its best, this cycle of your life is a return of confidence and initiation that connects you to your own life force, makes you aware of what needs to change in your life, and gives you the faith that you can be a force of change and consequence in your own life.

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Virgo Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Virgo! After this month, you will get a major breather. I will be here to talk about it then. I promise you though, next month will bring a completely different landscape, and other than a brief respite this coming late spring, you really will enter a new phase of a more empowered future.

The first half of the month does have a serious tone to it, but you will meet any challenge that is presented. It is in the second half that you begin to notice your reactions shift. You start acknowledging the choices you do have and allow yourself to make some deep shifts so that your future self-concept is more powerful, authentic, and actually lived.

Some say that personal growth is the point to life. I would say that conscious decisions met with the humility to learn is what makes a life truly well lived.

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Libra Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Libra! There are those who say that everything is a part of our nurturing, from our automated reactions to what we believe our potential is. Where this is the case, you got some invaluable insights into the kind of present your nurturing led to. This was all a part of a very loving Universe’s plan to get you to live more consciously. To make choices from a place of empowerment. Choices that are all your own. All as a part of living a life that feels truly your own.

You are now in the final phase of this lesson. Though there will be a brief respite in the middle of next year, it is safe to say that the bulk of having to look at yourself, consider your conditioning, and consider where you may not have been honest with yourself is near passed.

Make use of this month. Use this month to face whatever hard truths need to be faced, so that you begin the next phase of your life more empowered than you ever knew you could be.

Nothing less than the appreciation of how wise this time has made you is up for your gratitude.

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Scorpio Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Scorpio! Whatever sadness or disarray visited you last month, very early on this month you will feel as if you are restored to your rightful place of believing in yourself. I am seeing you breath a huge sigh of relief as you feel that where something within you was either searching or lost, is now found. What a wonderful thing.

The second part of the month brings things a little closer to home. It is in your desire not to feel so off center again that allows you to consider what foundations you are setting for yourself.

It is in creating a safe space where you can create, that gives you the inner stability to go forth from that will see some progress. This has to do with your desire to establish roots and create a solid base. Where you have felt some insecurity and stagnated action, this month brings real progress and a chance to feel like you are finally finding your footing in an ever-changing world.

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Sagittarius Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Sagittarius! It is your career that will ask for your attention in the first part of the month.

The second part of the month drives these lessons home, where there will be at least one instance that asks you to communicate and clarify. You will also be moved to write things down with the intention of somehow sharing what you write.

This could be a moment that involves a much needed conversation or something that you have already written, like an article or book, getting the support it needs to take it to the next step of being shared. Whatever it is for you, there is at least one moment that asks you to articulate yourself, and you meet the challenge, leading you to more greatly appreciate your intellectual abilities.

Share who you are. Trust this as your blessing right now. Do what is in front of you to do with the trust that it is in the small moments of detail that are leading you to accomplish some wonderful things.

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Capricorn Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Capricorn! The second half of the month is when you hit a sweet spot and just start experiencing this amazing kind of flow happen through making the right “in the moment” choices and changes that are long over due.

I am seeing at least one moment, if not more, where you say, “yes, I get it!” and then you do what you know needs to be done to move yourself in a very positive direction. Moreover, just when you make the inner declaration, people will be falling over themselves to help you succeed.

Do not underestimate the power and progress that is available to you to enhance your self-esteem, your self-concept, and your finances at this time. In this way, you are truly lucky.

Now, this does not mean you will sleep through the first half of the month, its just that, when you look back at periods of time as a whole, it is late October that will be one of those stand out times.

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Aquarius Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Aquarius! The sigh of relief continues this month as the first 2 weeks of the month are spent recollecting yourself and feeling a return to who you know yourself to be, only better, stronger, because now you have the self knowledge to understand why it was that you went a bit off and how you can prevent it in the future. In fact, the first two weeks bring you more than one brilliant insight into your self-concept, where it comes from, who you are, and what you believe about yourself.

There are also lots of chances to create more prosperity for yourself though some wonderful assignments or job opportunities that feel right, feel like you are making some real progress towards providing for yourself financially.

Then the second part of the month begins, and the magic returns.

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Pisces Forecast October 2009

Hello Fabulous Pisces! Your ancient and contemporary rulers are currently in the part of the sky that has to do with self-honesty. In the second part of the month it is this part that gets a series of boosts, bringing it all together within you. You understand where you have been perhaps deluding yourself. This admittance brings about the greatest sense of freedom through your honest reflection. You start to see whom you really are, what you really believe, and that it is not only about the stuff you desire to change. There is also a lot within you that is self-loving, generous, inspiring, and worth your continued cultivation.

Embrace all of you this month. The parts that you need to let go will find their release. More importantly, the appreciation of all that voice within you that guides you and lets you know what is right and true for you is strong. Trust it to lead you to a life that feels increasingly authentic.

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5 thoughts on “October Astrology Forecasts by Nadiya Shah

  1. Thank you for this horoscope. I am actually finding Saturn to be pushing me in an important direction this month. In fact, something I’ve put off for quite some time I have to get finished by the end of the month! Once finished I’ll definitely feel more responsible, and more confident that I have finally taken those few steps forward.

    Surprisingly enough, now that I think about it, I actually did Dance this month. Something I’ve not done in quite a while. I had music blaring and a few friends and I just let loose. It was fantastically celebratory and freeing!


  2. I like this. Keep them coming and you’ll have a steady reader. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Saturn square Pluto cycle (which will start next month and end August 2010)? We’re probably already in orb.


  3. Hi Daya

    I do think the Saturn, and eventually Jupiter, T-Square to Pluto is likely to indicate issues with our social structures, in particular, the economy now and all of 2010. It seems as soon as Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 our collective focus shifted to The Economy. But at that time, Saturn and Jupiter will playing a supportive role. But starting now and next year, it is likely that this is an area that will experience some tensions. But I don’t think that changes are going to really reveal themselves until we hit 2011 and Uranus steps into the picture.



  4. Saturn square Pluto, is that going to be a brutally difficult transformation by any chance? If Jupiter is coming into the picture hopefully it will make things easier. Looking forward to being in your class with you Nadiya. Namaste.


  5. Hey Celtaur!

    Well, it does indicate tension and some of the things that will be required to change things, there is a serious vibe to this energy. Even with Jupiter there in 2010, he indicate that effort will be made to find sololutions and opportunity within the tension. in 2011, jupiter is indicating he is part of the tension, given it is a t-square formation.

    On a world stage, when I think about how it has been these 3 planets involved in the financial bailouts we saw around the world in 2008, its possible that more bail out initiatives will be needed. This is personally relevant to all of us as well, as we consider the balances of power, being more democratic in our own lives, and balancing our optimism with a need for change. All these planets suggest the beginning of identifying what will not longer work. Uranus brings changes.


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