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Rainbow Bridge

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Sex, Drugs, Rock n’ Roll. Hippy’s travel to see Jimi Hendrix play in Maui. Along their journey after passing through California to catch a flight to Hawaii are many new age, philosophical discussions, yoga, meditation, chanting sessions, visits to a commune, and walks through rushing wind down mountain sides. This film captures the feeling and freedom of the time.

Both negative and positive comments arise by reviews of this film, depending on the viewers interests. For people who enjoy the feeling of the era, and peering into the lives of freethinking, spiritually philosophizing traveling hippies and listening to Jimi Hendrix perform live on stage this film is a relaxing treat. For those who are only interested in seeing Jimi Hendrix perform, skip ahead through the scenes of hippy lifestyles, which he was a part of in those times, to see him perform at the end.


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