The Arts


Here is the fascination of movement performance in the expanded capacity of computer animation.  Elaborating on the theme of reincarnation the video has a meditative, inspiring quality of the life force and elemental expression.  This piece presents abstract form that develops in the imagination.  By Memo Akten

Lyrics, Black Sabbath:

We sail,
through endless skies,
stars shine like eyes,
the black night sighs.

The moon,
in silver trees,
falls down in tears,
light of the night.

The Earth,
a purple blaze,
of sapphire haze,
in orbit always.

While down,
below the trees,
bathed in a coll breeze,
silver starlight breaks down the night.

And so,
we pass on by,
the crimson eye,
of great god Mars,
as we travel…
the universe


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