The Arts


Fashion is Art. Fashion is Inspiration.

Alexander McQueen is one of the most astoundingly talented fashion artists of our time. His Haute Couture shows are a feast for the eyes and imagination. This collection for Fall ’09 /Winter ’10 is inspired by dark gothic elements and recycling and/or garbage.

This show wasn’t really a “green” recycling show per say, but displaying previously used equipment from previous shows present the idea of at least re-using.

Alexander McQueen does it again. His styles evoke a mysterious tarot like energy. Although he doesn’t philosophize on the symbolism of his work, allowing his natural born inspiration to drive his designs.

Strong, bold reds, oranges, blacks and whites with delightful patterns and cuts against a dark background on manequined porcelain faces. Stiff struts on platforms along cracked, reflective floors. Howls beckon the audience to draw in the experience further among trance rhythms. People wearing fantastic art. Another creative example of what’s possible.

Watch part 2 by clicking on the related videos at the end of part 1.


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