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September Astrology Forecasts by Nadiya Shah

Astrological Highlights September 2009
By: Nadiya Shah © 2009

Hello Fabulous Astro Readers!

Personal Message for September 2009

I know there is a lot going on in the world at this time, with a major dichotomy being indicated in the cosmos. It seems that people with very strong opposing views are getting all the airplay. This tension appears to heighten this coming month as one of the most powerful planetary conversations of our time, the Uranus- Saturn Opposition, hits its third of five peak moments, taking place between November 2008 and July 2010. When these two planets get together, say good-bye to the structures of the past and anything that stands in the way of human rights. This conversation takes whatever the current climate is to the next level from the status quo, and there are always those that represent resistance and holding on to the way things are.

Regardless of the tension and the heightened emotions, know that this time will pass. These two planets will meet again this month and bring the tension to the fore, but once we pass the final and fifth meeting in July of next year, we will find ourselves in a whole new reality.

However, these aspects do not only speak to what is happening with the collective. They also speak to what is happening within us as individuals. Where there is a part of your life that you are experiencing tension or discomfort presents an opportunity for you to find a new balance and also freedom from past norms you have, in some cases, always known.

The other major indicators are the direct movement of Pluto in Capricorn, bringing about tangible and significant change, and the Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo, encouraging us to think more deeply and reconsider our options.

This month’s forecasts will focus on where the opportunity to experience greater liberation lies for us. I also discuss where you can experience some significant change and find your power.

As always, I wish you continued self knowledge and personal reflection on what events in the world and in your own life mean to you. To paraphrase Plato, contemplation of the cosmos leads to greater wisdom, and to become wiser is to spend a life well lived.

As a side note- This month marks three years since my website launched. I am reminded of what a blessing it is to feel that I am making a contribution in my own way, perhaps in the way I am meant to at this point in my life. I also am constantly reminded, through every kind email or facebook message I receive from a friend and fan of this site, that what I do on this website is meaningful to someone, at some time. All I did was trust the messages and trust what I am passionate about. What I have received in return is a life that feels useful and well lived. Your readership has granted me these and so many other blessings. I am grateful.

It’ll be a great month.



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Aries Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Aries! This is a month of letting some very silent, private, and self-sabotaging habit go.

You have been encouraged to get more real with yourself since November as to how you can undermine your best efforts based on the believes that guide your habits. This month takes it to the next level. This month will bring some deep moment of self-honesty, followed by a deep appreciation of how your habits contribute to your success and your legacy. These two understandings, coming on at once, will bring you to a place where you identify the need to release some habit or pattern that is contradictory to the self-loving person you deserve to be.

Trust your insights, especially where they lead you to live a life more empowered and free of the limitations of the past.

Most of all trust you. You truly are worthy of the things you desire to contribute to the world, and you deserve to live your ambitions right now, in your smallest most mundane moments.

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Taurus Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Taurus! The adjustment for you has to do with how much and how well you are able to give of your love and receive the love from others. In some way it seems that you have been holding back, not letting yourself be as flirtations or confidant as you deserve to be. At the same time, your lack of affection has put up a very fine wall, effectively keeping the abundance of love that would otherwise be available to you just slightly at bay. This is an energetic thing and not so much about any one particular person or relationship situation.

So, what is your solution? Like every solution, it starts with you and your own willingness.

Begin by consciously keeping yourself open to what could be, and give the love that you think you are not getting in whatever form that might take. Being conscious of this flow will gently, rather than radically, bring up your barriers to it. As you identify them, you can let them go.

As you let go, you will come to find that you are capable of loving and capable of being loved more than you have previously known.

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Gemini Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Gemini! A new vision for what it is that you may be meant to do with your life and your ambitions is now trying to get through. It can get through by contemplation or by dramatic events.

One way or another, the Universe is intent this month on letting you know what it needs you to be doing next.

For some Fabulous Geminis this will be more of a process of fine-tuning. Others are preparing for a radical departure from what they have previously known. Whether it is a personal realization or an outward shift, your career climate is going to change.

Moments like these rarely come along. They are a gift. Do not fight it or resist, even if it appears events could be unpleasant at first.

This change in your days is a reflection of the change to your calling that is now underway.

A new path is about to reveal itself.

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Cancer Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Cancer! One of the most powerful things you will realize this month is that you are worthy of sharing yourself. One of the other most powerful things you will start to more fully own this month is the energy that you have been able to feel before last month was out, an energy that lets you know that you are powerful, influential, and can initiate actions that generate positive consequences in your own life. The third most powerful thing you can own this month is your desire to finally pinpoint the significant change you need to see in your most important relationship.

Sounds like a super powerful month? Heck yeah!

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Leo Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Leo! What I am seeing is at least one moment where you get to shed light on some resentment or pull from the past. There is someone that you are just not letting go, in the privacy of your own thoughts and moments, even though it would be in everyone’s best interest if you did.

So my question is, why are you holding on? Is it your pride? Is it your ego? Is it your desire to be right? Or is it your nostalgia?

This month offers you a chance to reflect on what holding on has been serving within you, and how free you could be if you released the past for good. That glimpse might be brought on with some tension, do not worry about that. Travel through it, because on the other side, you will find liberation from a past long gone, and the freedom to embrace a very promising and positive future.

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Virgo Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Virgo! Your relationship keeps asking more of you. It is also your main partnership that has been stretching you, asking for more than perhaps you felt you could give in certain moments.

For the most part the tension you have felt has not been all bad. A part of you has enjoyed feeling like you are wanted and needed by another person. It has added a feeling of security in a time when there is a free-floating feeling of precariousness.

Here comes another moment of being asked for something that feels significant. It will raise some questions and some tension, but I see you quickly finding your footing again in the midst of it.

You will be asked to make some type of statement of how much you care. You will also be asking your partner to be there for you. In the end, it is the path of a more authentic connection that is asking to be made.

Whatever tension comes up, turn it over.

By appreciating what you cannot control is where you will find your courage to change those things you can and make some very positive moves to assert a vision of empowerment.

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Libra Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Libra! Rather than bore you to bits of all the serious and tense energy that is making you aware of all that you are afraid of and how to change it, lets just focus on the opportunities that you have to enjoy yourself.

You are going to make the changes anyways. The revelations into how you restrict yourself will arise this month, as well as the solutions. You will be thinking deeply about who you are and whom you want to be perceived as, and you will also make some brave and bold steps to move yourself in a more empowered direction.

As you are thinking about who you are and how you need to change your life, make sure you get on a swing set and laugh your heart out. Spend time with kids or do something creative, gutsy, or make a fun gamble. Trust your instincts and stay in the moment.

Its not that the fun is simply respite, but it is also, where you will connect with your faith. That faith will give you added strength and purpose to the insights and changes you will be making.

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Scorpio Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Scorpio! Your friendships are changing because you are, and you no longer need to be defined by them. It has been said that you become the people you spend your time with. Remember, what you are seeing in other people is a reflection of what you no longer wish to be. In the end, its all about you, seeing yourself clearly, and then making a choice to be someone else, more you than you knew yourself to be before.

A friend or association may end or go through a massive change. That is all right. It may or may not be your choice. That is all right as well. It may be a secret that is revealed about them or something that you see, as if you have been keeping a secret about yourself from yourself until now.

Bless them, thank them for the role they played, and you will find that when that person does leave, it creates some amazing breathing space that you never knew you needed.

You will come to know yourself more deeply, and you will feel changed by the time the month is through.

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Sagittarius Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Sagittarius! The textbook description of the Sag include that of the traveler, forever exploring, and finding home in the foreign.

What you have been defining as your roots and home base has been going through some massive changes over the last 6 years, and through the process, you have realized just how important it is to have a place in the world to call your own.

These two things, your innate need to freely explore and your desire to have a strong foundation, do not need to contradict. It is all about finding the right balance.

It is this balance that is highlighted this month for you, this very fine tension you are going to have to address.

Face up to whatever fears you may have in regards to your security, and you will find a source of security within. Also, be brave as you admit to yourself what it is that you hope to build in terms of your career and your legacy, and you will find at least one way to begin to strengthen and clarify what you are actually going for. That clarity will make new things possible and also strengthen your home base.

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Capricorn Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Capricorn! As I have been reminding you, you are in the midst of a long cycle that has about 15 years more to go. This cycle is meant to change you deeply, leaving you more you, without the fluff, the masks, the lies. It is a truth uncovering and revealing mission that your soul is on, and the old you is engaged in a slow process of falling away.

While you have spent the last few months in a more reflective processing of this energy, there has been another indicator dancing in the sky that is also about letting go of the old, but its different. This other energy, that has been around since November 2008 and will be until July of next year, is about you moving into a future that is much more authentic and liberated.

One energy is slow and deep. The other, lightening fast and revelatory. However your personal moment of revolution comes, it is coming this month.

No matter if it comes disguised as a discomfort or tension, it really does not matter. You end the month, in some way, significantly lighter and more real than you ever knew you could be.

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Aquarius Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Aquarius! Aquarians rock. I can say this sincerely. They have a way of staying true to themselves, true to their own voice of inner authority, while staying amiable to the masses. There is this astrology textbook description of them as being cold or void of emotion, but nothing could be further from the truth. Even with a strong rational energy, they are extremely passionate about who they are, believing in themselves deeply, and steadfast to what they believe while knowing that their beliefs are not set in stone, but rather, are changeable along with their personal evolution, to which they are deeply committed.

I would encourage you to remember that deep commitment to your own evolution now, because this month is bringing on a huge leap forward.

However, here is the thing. The desire to change into who you are supposed to be next if you are going to remain true to yourself will likely, at first, come disguised as some type of anger.

Do not dwell in it. Let it lead you to the self-knowledge you need to know what is not working and what it is that you need to change.

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Pisces Forecast September 2009

Hello Fabulous Pisces! No matter what tension or issue may arise that asks for your attention and learning, the thing that is clearly being indicated is that you are strong. You are going through a deep process that is all about breaking free from the old you, the outworn parts of your identity that no longer serve you. This latest development is only a way for the universe to get your attention, to make you aware, and to get you to declare that you really have changed.

No matter what uncertainty may lay ahead of you, you will win, and your freedom will be the highest value you hold. If you are in a partnership that can keep up, awesome. If not, you are brave and bold enough, and have more than enough faith, to make any change that feels right to you.

Remember, no matter what the tension, this is a time to become lighter, freer, and more you than you have known before. It is a time to have tremendous faith in yourself, and mostly, to see yourself with the most loving eyes.

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