Astrology Forecasts

August Astrology Forecasts

Astrological Highlights August 2009
By: Nadiya Shah © 2009

Hello Fabulous Astro Readers!

It is a month of eclipses. I have written extensively about eclipses before. They are that intriguing.

Eclipses have a way of taking us off the path we had been walking and onto a path that feels much more fated, and is ultimately, much more fortunate. I do believe that every single challenge that occurs, in any area of our life, is designed to make us stronger and better. Just like a muscle that only grows when you work it just beyond what you thought you were capable off, it is only after some time has passed that you reap the fruits of a better developed, sculpted appearance. Therefore, it is with any area of life.

With the unexpected developments comes a moment of surprise, followed by an effort to regroup. Once we have made the adjustments, we can look back and feel thankful.

Yes, there are other potent, powerful activities in the sky this month. Most notably, the second meeting of Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron, otherwise known as the triple conjunction. It is a sky that is inspiring, inspired, and encouraging forgiveness and true enchantment.

Regardless of what sign you are, these eclipses will touch you, they will move you, and plant you in a new direction in at least one significant area of life. This month the forecasts focus on the power of the triple conjunction and these eclipses to rock and change your world, for the better.

May you embrace the changes and learn much about your self in the process.

It’ll be a great month.



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Hello Fabulous Aries!

It is wonderful to see people inspired by a bigger picture and confident enough to go for what they desire in their hearts. It can be less inspiring to see someone chase a dream without staying open to a larger dream for their life, staying on the same road even though the Universe has a much greater plan for them, if only they would listen to the intimations of a purposeful cosmos.

This month there is no chasing down the wrong path or going for anything worn out. What there is this month is lots of room for change and growth, and the chance to really embrace something new and very fulfilling.

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Hello Fabulous Taurus!

Your efforts really do matter, not only for the results that they reap in the long term, but also for the inspiration they provide to the people around you. Your demonstrated faith, and that is what it means to stick to a course of action long enough to see results, is moving. Your demonstrated faith is what keeps supporters wanting to help you. Your demonstrated faith is what has moved mountains for you in the past.

This month your faith pays off in some lovely career developments.

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Hello Fabulous Gemini!

Who you are, right now, is worthy of being seen, heard, and shared with the world.

Those things within you that get in the way will leave you. Where you need to raise your self-love and self-esteem will come, in a sudden and liberating moment, which has you declaring your love for yourself. In the process, you may just sign some kind of power deal or agreement that allows you to be shared with a much wider audience than you have before.

Get honest with yourself, make some significant and deep change, and watch your profile rise.

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Hello Fabulous Cancer!

This month brings a huge shift within you.

A clarity that you never knew you needed.

Though there is the tension that comes for you whenever you go through a change, I see you thriving on it, learning from it, letting the tension of change propel some significant action that finally brings you the kind of progress you have been yearning for.

This is a month that starts a 2-year process of deep significant change within you. Trust the process that will lead you to a much more empowered version of what you have known of yourself before.

You are at the start of a fabulous adventure.

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Hello Fabulous Leo!

More than anything, it seems that you are facilitating the healing of others, sometimes completely unintentionally and perhaps even obliviously. How you are interpreting a situation can seem pretty straightforward on the surface, but to the people around you, there seems to be great purpose to their interactions with you.

Do not worry if you are not feeling this yet. The good you are facilitating is creating karma that will shower on you in the near future.

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Hello Fabulous Virgo!

There is a situation, a person, place, or thing that has dragged on for much to long and caused you a lot of discomfort. Something that feels like a drain on your energy, and perhaps, even an injustice of sorts.

This month brings remarkable progress that allows things to sort themselves out in a most inspiring, but also very stable, kind of way. The end of this circumstance brings the very grateful end to a difficult chapter.

What replaces it is a new vision of where the Universe would like to see you go next, a development that opens up a possibility that you just had not seen before. This in turn will change the things that you most hope for in life, with the distinct possibility of moving ever closer to what you never knew you wanted, but now that the possibility is here, inspires you deeply.

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Hello Fabulous Libra!

In some significant way, and also very surprising way, a sudden career opportunity will find you. The sudden nature of the invitation or opportunity may scare you into thinking that this is some fleeting thing, or not real. Do not worry about such things.

Yes, it is a rare and quick moment that you must seize, and declaring your desire does involve stating your belief that you are worthy of moving up the ladder, or at least, closer to your goals.

Take that risk, state that claim, believe in yourself and all things are possible.

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Hello Fabulous Scorpio!

This month you see the truth of a situation that you have been mulling over for some time. This could be romantic or more immediate, but somewhere in your world you have had a very limited perception of a situation, have seen what you wanted, and totally missed the factual, actual truth.

That is OK. You did the best you could.

Now comes a breakthrough that allows you not only to see the truth, but also to allow a whole new set of possibilities to open up to you as a result.

The world is much bigger than you have known, and your voice within it is strong. You are about to share of yourself, your wisdom, and your knowledge in a new way that brings bright, fresh energy in.

This is truly a lovely development.

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Hello Fabulous Sagittarius!

This month brings the chance to be wide open to all the abundance that wants to be showered on you.

What it will require, though, is that you see yourself a little differently.

It will require that you expand your mind just enough to see that you are no longer who you used to be and are much more insightful than you have previously given yourself credit for.

It will require that you apply the more rational, reasoned part of your mind so that you see what is, and then look with eyes that are more inspired by faith, so that you see just what more could be.

This switch in perception, mainly self-perception, is what is going to open something within you that allows a way to bring greater opportunity and money your way.

The realization will come suddenly. A new source of income will open up.

It starts with you opening your mind to the possibility.

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Hello Fabulous Capricorn!

The part of you that has determined how much of your own love and care you are worthy of is growing and expanding these days. The universe has been encouraging you to see your own potential in more loving ways, so that in turn can increase your net worth. Nevertheless, in the process, you have been kidding yourself and others about how you feel about a circumstance that is ultimately the greatest type of value you could express. It reaches right to the core of you and defines you.

This is some aspect of your identity that is now ready to end, as a new you prepares to begin.

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Hello Fabulous Aquarius!

The changes that are happening in your life are a reflection of all that you are now putting to a final rest. The breakthrough comes when you let go of what you no longer need and start living in a way that demonstrates the self-love you now have.

That self-knowledge and self-love has been well earned. Let it guide you to new places, new routines, new habits that reinforce a more loving vision of yourself.

A deeper breakthrough is in store; you can feel it coming as the month progresses.

Trust yourself now and get all obstacles to your inner voice out of the way, so that when the breakthrough does come, next month, you are free and strong enough to make the absolute most of it.

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Hello Fabulous Pisces!

This month will bring a change of circumstance for the better, in fact, I would even say much better.

I see a development taking place that feels so joyous, so fun, and also very prosperous. This is the kind of vibration that brings some amazing career development, but it is the opportunity to do something so fun that you do not even think of it as career or a chance to make money, because you would have done it for free anyways. This is something to take you on a whole new path that is so in line with your soul that it just resonates. It is that powerful.

The external chance for a life that feels more fulfilling will find you, as will some straightforward good times.

You have earned them with all the faith you have been asked to have.

Your faith begins to pay off.

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